Does my logo look ugly / unprofessional?

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I am a photographer and I was thinking to design a new logo since my old one looks unprofessional on my eyes.
    Here is my current logo:
    Do you think that I should stick with this one or design a new logo?
    For example, I have found this one online:
    What do you think? Your thoughts are really appreciated.
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  2. I think that most of the time photographers don't do a good job of designing their own logos. Logo design is more than just making a cool symbol. If you can't/don't want to hire a designer, see if you can find a designer who is willing to do a work trade. The BoxCam symbol you showed is generic-the exact opposite of what you want a logo to be.
  3. At the risk of seeming somewhat alcoholic if not cynical, on first sight your new logo reminded me of a lopsided martini glass. I also dislike the type font you have used. Entirely my personal observations, of course.
    As a design architect, over 25 years and after much discussion about corporate marketing image matters with clients, staff and other architects, I came to the disappointing conclusion that almost everyone I dealt with did not pay much attention or place great emphasis on my logo. In fact, most didn't even notice it.
    I am now retired from design architecture and setting up a new web site for my architectural photography work. There will not be any logo on the site, as I intend to let my images promote my personal 'brand' to my (professional not mainstream) clients.
    All this said, put into your shoes I would go with John Tonai's good advice, and have someone design a logo for me. You should avoid the 'boxcam' look or wording, which to me comes over as amateurish.
    Consider changing the type font and go with the martini glass or a new similar design in your new logo. A new type face, longer, leaner, with the name in capitals, I think, may greatly improve the image. I do not mean this unkindly, but with a business name like 'Studio Kristo', cute or fancy artwork would be best avoided. The simpler, the better.
    My thoughts, for your consideration.
  4. There are websites such as where you can get graphic design work done for as little as $US 5.00. Of course, as with most things, you usually get what you pay for.
  5. Logos are an interesting subject. Their intent is to promote swift recognition in communications. The origins come from imprints, seals, or hallmarks representing individuals, organizations, and later, companies.
    Logos are part of branding (which itself, harkens back to things like branding cattle).
    Logos generally take one of two forms: A graphic icon that represents the company (like Apple or the Nike swoosh), or Logotype or Wordmark of the individual's name or company name (like Ford or FedEx).
    Generally, an individual photographer will not get enough exposure of a graphic logo to make it instantly recognizable when seen on it's own.
    When it comes to photography, people are buying the person behind the camera, therefore, I would advise promoting your name with a logotype treatment ... Kristo is a memorable name if you can make the logotype itself memorable.
    Hire a good designer to accomplish that.

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