Does Image Stabilization work with AF film camera's such as the EOS-1n?

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  1. Bought a Canon EOS-1N and should have it in a few days. I'd like to know if Image Stabilization works with AF film bodies? Planning to use it with my 28-135 IS. If it does work does it have the same limitations as digital bodies?
  2. Your 28-135 was introduced back in the film days, so yup, it works with film cameras :) Actually, I used to use the 28-135 (and 300/4 IS) with film bodies. Since IS is doing exactly the same job (stabilizing the image that the lens projects onto whatever detects the light), it works the same way.
  3. IS on Canon is in the lens, not the body, so it works on almost all EOS camera bodies back to the EOS 650 (the first).
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    Definitely. However, the standard 2CR5 battery for the EOS 1N is generally not the most reliable for powering image stabilisation. The power drive booster E1, fitted with either standard AA alkaline or AA lithium batteries is a much more reliable source of power.

    Canon's IS has gone through multiple iterations and engineering changes since the first 75-300 IS lens came out in 1995. The lenses today (especially the L-series) are not so power hungry but heavy, persistent use will still tax the smaller battery. Consider the PDB for added ergonomics too.
  5. Thanks for all the information. I'm using the 28-135 IS with the BP-E1 which uses 4 AA's and have gone through half a roll already without power issues. Glad you mentioned the 2CR5, I'll have to make sure the battery switch is turned to AA's and not lithium. BTW, the EOS-1N is way cool, wished I could have afforded one before the dawn of digital imaging.
  6. It's only vaguely related but I will note that older bodies such as the 1N don't focus as smoothly with STM lenses like the 40mm f/2.8. It still works but the focus motor seems to buzz more and move in many small jerks.
  7. I don't use a lot of stabilized lenses on my film EOS cameras*, but the 2CR5 batteries I have seem to be immortal. No issues with battery drain even with IS.

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