Does D300 use same battery as D70s?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by dmitry_kiyatkin, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Thanks, Dmitry
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  3. yes, and no

    It's a backwards compatibility thing. D70 can use the EN-EL3e battery that comes with D300. D300 cannot use the EN-EL3a that comes with D70s.
  4. And the D300 doesn't accept non Nikon EN EL3E's, that worked on a D200.
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    Just to clarify, on the D80, D200 and D300, you must use the EN-EL3e. The earlier EN-EL3 and EN-EL3a cannot be fully inserted into those newer cameras. (Of course, if you use an external battery grip, it can potentially take other batteries such as AAs).

    On the earlier D100, D70/D70s and D50, they can use any one from the EN-EL3 family batteries.

    In other words, if you want to use the same battery on both the D300 and D70s, use EN-EL3e batteries only.
  6. Thanks guys. I figured it out after trying a few times.
    After trying the D300, I think the D70 will not get much use any more...
  7. If you have the guts and a dremel tool to make the slot on the older batteries just a little bit bigger. One could make it fit but would it work?
  8. Steve, people have tried to dremel a new notch, and it doesn't work. The cameras won't acknowledge the battery unless it has the third connector contact for the smart chip in the battery.

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