Does Canon USA cover warranty work on Candian 1dx?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by john_e|2, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. I posted an earlier post about the quality of the 1dx Canada vs. USA which gave rise to a different question so i decided to make a new post.
    I purchased a 1dx from an authorized Canadian dealer who told me that Canon USA is suppose take care of warranty work that I might need on the camera. He directed me to the Canon USA wesite 1dx warranty page that seems to verify what the Canadian dealer has told me. I called Canon USA to make sure this was correct , one tech support person said, "no" I'd have to send the camera back to Canada for warranty work, the second tech person said he wasn't sure but he didn't think it would be covered. After communicating with the Dealer and re-reading the warranty, I contacted Canon a third time and explained what the Canadian dealer told me and pointed to the 1dx warranty page on the Canon USA website. This tech support person told me that actually tech support only receives the calls, and doesn't make any decisions on whether a repair is covered by the warranty or who must take care of it Canon USA or Canon Canada. He said I'd have to send my receipt to the service center if i needed a repair and the service center would make those decisions. He couldn't give me a phone number to the service center so that I could pose the question to them. A manager was not available. So, I sent a copy of my receipt and warranty card to the manager and am still in limbo. I can still return the camera to the Canadian dealer for a refund, but only want to do that if Canon USA won't cover the warranty.
    Do any of you folks know the answer? Or, does anyone have the sevice center phone #? I"m switching over from Nikon so I'm not familiar with the way Canon operates, but it seems to be a pretty simple question. Who covers the warranty?
  2. It's better to keep posting in the same thread when the topic is similar, just to let you know.
    Do you happen to live near a Canon service center? If so, you could take it in and see what they say. What does the warranty card say? Is it addressed to a US or Canadian address?
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  4. I tried to find a list of canon service centers to call or go to directly, but was directed to a page that only allowed me to request a repair. the warranty card says Canada not Canada/USA, however, the canadian dealer said things have changed recently and they checked before listing the camera and that Canon USA is suppose to cover it.
  5. Michael: thanks for the number. I called it and it took me straight back to tech support but the guy that answered was able to give me a phone number to the service center in Irvine CA.
  6. "I can still return the camera to the Canadian dealer for a refund, but only want to do that if Canon USA won't cover the warranty."
    I can understand your concern and confusion, given that the right hand at Canon USA doesn't seem to know what the left hand is doing (or saying) and can't seem to give you a straight answer to a simple question, but what's the big deal about sending the camera back to Canada for repair under warranty *if* that ever becomes necessary? The shipping (by USPS mail, not courier) is dead simple and it's not going to cost you any more later to (possibly) send it back for repair than it will cost you now to send it back for a refund.
    The camera was purchased from an *authorized* Canadian Canon dealer, so it is *not* a grey market camera. Canon Canada will *definitely* cover any warranty repair. Your only cost will be shipping to Canada. Once out of warranty, Canon USA can provide any repairs that might be necessary.
  7. I have lived on both sides of the US and Canada border and used warranty service on both sides over the past 15 years, without even thinking about where the equipment was purchased. The service in the US is more responsive but they both get the job done eventually.
  8. I had an authorized service center in Korea refuse warranty work on an EOS (USA bought) cameras on two separate occasions. Although the concept of borders has diminished considerably with air travel and the internet, international warranty coverage can be iffy.
  9. Micheal Freeman, I guess with a camera this expensive, i just feel more comfortable dealing with Canon USA since, I'm in the USA. When I purchased the camera the seller advertised it as coming with a USA warranty or I would not have purchased it. Once I received the camera I realized the warranty card did not say Canon USA\ Canada, it just said Canon Canada.
    One of the Canon techs mentioned I'd have to deal with customs if I had to send my camera to Canada. He also mentioned that if someone in Canada sends their camera to Canon USA they have to first ship it to someone in the USA then that person ships it to Canon USA. Canon USA won't take in a camera shiped directly from Canada because of customs issues, according to the tech department.
  10. "One of the Canon techs mentioned I'd have to deal with customs if I had to send my camera to Canada."
    That is a complete non-issue, a "red herring" if you will. Sent by USPS, on the customs form the item is declared as "Other: Warranty Repair". When Canon Canada returns it to you, they declare it as same. There is *nothing* to "deal with". No sales taxes, no duties, no customs "issues" going either way. The border is essentially invisible for this type of shipment.
    Frankly, it sounds to me like either the Canon USA techs know not what they speak of with regards to this issue, or they are simply trying to discourage you from buying from Canada. I suspect the latter and that would be understandable, but it's a bit dishonest or at the very least disingenuous for them to not give you a straight answer on whether or not they will do a warranty repair. This can't be the first time this question has been asked. Instead, they seem to be raising other "issues" that have absolutely nothing at all to do with your original and very simple question that has a very simple one-word answer ... "Yes" or "No". Full stop.
    Your reasons for wanting to deal with Canon USA are valid and understandable. But presumably you purchased the 1DX from Canada because there was a price advantage or some other reason that made the deal north of the 49th parallel more attractive. If so, then frankly IMHO you are unnecessarily worrying about something (cross-border shipment) that is a minor inconvenience at most, and only a remote possibility at that. Test your new camera, and if everything works as it should, then enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed.
    Whatever you decide to do, good luck and happy shooting.
  11. "Canon USA won't take in a camera shiped directly from Canada because of customs issues, according to the tech department."
    See above. Frankly, that sounds like a bald-faced lie, or a complete "Duh ... I don't really know" answer. If I travel to NYC (I'm in Canada), visit the photographic Mecca also known as B&H Photo, buy a Canon USA DSLR and return to Canada, and two months later I need to send it for a warranty repair, Canon USA will refuse to accept it? I don't think so Canon! :)
  12. Michael, thanks for the info. it makes me feel alot better about just keeping this camera. I bought the camera on ebay and new it was coming from Canada but since it was advertised as having a USA warranty I didn't even think there would be a problem. it wasn't until I received the camera that I noticed the warranty card was Canada not USA/Canada the one that came with my T3. When i noticed warranty card red flags went up.
    Thanks for the help.
  13. May I ask which dealer in Canada you purchased from?
  14. Merkle camera and video in Ontario
  15. Merkle is a well established Toronto brick and mortar photo retailer, and they are a Canon authorized dealer, so no worries. Everything is kosher. Enjoy your 1DX :)
  16. Yipeeeeeeeeeee! I finally got an answer from Canon. I called the service center in Irvine today and spoke to Tamica who put me on hold, to conver with the manager. the manager first said I'd have to send it back to Canada, but I could send in the receipt and they might make an exception. I mentioned the warranty on the Canon USA website so Tamika went back to speak to the manager and after a lengthy hold, for which she apologized, she came back and told me that yes the camera would be covered and I could send it in if need be.
    Two thumbs up for Tamika!
  17. Happy end is good, it shouldn't have been so hard... but why does your new 1D X need warranty work during the returnable period?

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