does Canon knows what Nikon do?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jean_jacques_lemaire, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Ok, it's another Canon vs Nikon thread, but yes and no...<BR>
    I won't compare 400D with D80, but non comparable things.<BR>
    At Canon, you have a 30D, a 5D, a 1D MkII.<BR>
    30D has the price, 5D the wonderful sensor, 1D MkII its wonderful autofocus.<BR>
    At Nikon, you have D80, D200, D2X<BR>
    D80 has the prince, D200 very nice Autofocus, D2X wonderful autofocus.<BR>
    So, if I were using Nikon lenses, I would clearly go to the D200.<BR>
    But I'm stuck with Canon, and wondering why they do not offer anything similar
    to the D200 (sophisticated AF + APS-C sensor).<BR>
    Canon stopped making the 200 f/1.8 L USM but Nikon released the 200 F/2 VR not
    so long ago. And it seems people like it.<BR>
    Is there any 18-200 VR available for a Canon EF mount? Nobody would want any?<BR>
    Where are you mister Canon?<BR>
  2. You're "stuck with Canon"?

    Why are you stuck? If you want a Nikon, is someone preventing you from buying one? Is someone preventing you from selling your Canon lenses? If so, call the police!

    If you sell your Canon lenses and buy Nikon, will you then be "stuck with Nikon"?
  3. Patience. The leadership in different segments moves backward and forward. The sad fact is that I am definitely the weak link in all my camera systems and there is no hope of an upgrade (indeed I steadily depreciate and cannot even claim it on my tax).
  4. The focusing differance in the 5D and 1D is nominal unless you are shooting very fast moving subjects, which the 5D wasnt designed for hence the 3fps. The 5D was designed with 2 things in mind, 1. Full Frame and a more reasonable price. 2. Image quality.

    The 200 1.8L had leaded glass and Canon pulled all the leaded glass lenses from thier line up, but they have been redesigning them without leded glass and releasing them again. I expect to see the 200 1.8L again and maybe as soon as a co release with the new 1D.(<Speculation)
  5. "Canon stopped making the 200 f/1.8 L USM but Nikon released the 200 F/2 VR not so long
    ago. And it seems people like it.
    Is there any 18-200 VR available for a Canon EF mount? Nobody would want any?"

    One could just as easily ask Nikon where their 18 f/2 DX prime, their 600 f/4 VR, and their
    16 PC Nikkors are!
  6. Alistair has it correct. The limiting factor in photography is whoever's behind the camera, rarely the camera. Whatever you are "stuck with" probably is just fine. In his later years W. Eugene Smith was making do with a Miranda SLR--certainly not the latest and greatest of that time. So, good luck with your photography and worry less about whether Mr. Canon is listening. Worry more about what you are seeing.
  7. Jacques, you're stuck with Canon?

    You've been drinking too much of your awesome red wine, Missure.

    Why would you want to go BACKWARDS and get the lowly D200, even as it has some sealing against dirt and moisture...but deal the end of the day it produces NOISE CITY BABE at ISO 800.

    The 5D in fact offers better AF then the D200,a nd why would anyone want a tiny APS-C sensor UNLESS they cannot afford the 5D?

    Canon makes the 200L which is one stop slower then Nikon's...big deal.

    Where is Mister Canon? He's busy kicking Nikon's A$$!

  8. 5D is for those who want full frame and either do not want to pay for 1Ds, want a smaller body, or do not need the rugged build. If you want smaller sensor and fast AF, whatever is wrong with 1D? It is surely cheaper than selling all your lenses and switching to Nikon. Or at the times when you need a bit of extra reach, you can crop from the middle of 5D and still get a lot of megapixels. It would be a boring world if all manufacturers made identical bodies. I only hope some other manufacturer (Sony?) will bring out a full range of bodies to choose from. Then we would have more choice.
  9. Some opinions are so strong? Perhaps come from desperation, and not from reasoning ?

    There was an old saying among photographers: "Sooner or later you will get Nikon". Some people still believe it.
  10. Frank, do you believe that?

    I think many of the responses here are tongue in cheek...not really passionate, nor strong...this thread is kind of rediculeous so often the responses are in kind.

    So Frank, you gonna get a noisy Nikon? ;-) They do make great bodies ya know...really nice ergonomics, and sweet buttons too. ;-)
  11. Everytime I get a new girlfreind I see another one I'd rather have but stuck because I'm trying
    to be a gentleman. So I think Jean-Jacques is merely trying to spare Canon hurt
    feelings by not switching to Nikon. Maybe he could consider sneaking behind Canon's back
    and getting a little Nikon on the side. I say "if it feels good, do it."
  12. Ive been shooting a D2H for a couple years now and I love it. It has some short comings but so do I. I was waiting for Nikon to come out with something that would make up for the few things I dont like about the D2h, but it didnt happen. So I bought a 30D and I couldnt be happier. It took some getting used to but it was fun learning. The 2 are a great compliment to each other and I dont see me selling either set. I now have 2 sets of the 3 2.8 zooms(17-35/16-35, 28-70/24-70 and 80-200/70-200) but I needed to hold something constant. I tried very hard to like the D200 and its a great camera but it just isnt for me. Id rather have what I want than brand loyalty. Unless Canon or Nikon starts giving me free equipment, then they'll be my favorite.
  13. Yeah what Puppy Face said. Yee-haa!
  14. Thank you for your reactions
    I said I was stuck with Canon simply because i'd loose too much money by selling my Canon lenses and buying their "Nikon equivalent". Of course, I know each brand has its pros and cons. No 500mm F/4VR listed at Nikon, and I won't speak about the price argument in favor to Canon about long tele-lenses. Canon EF-mount can also accept any lens via adaptors (except FD-mount...)
    Why to go for an APS-C sensor? because of their bigger pixel density.
    What turns me on about the D200's AF is its numerous modes of subject tracking, useful for bird photography. Smaller (noisier) sensor maybe, but better chances to get something sharp...
    Why doesn'it sound useful to Canon to put gridlines in their viewfinders ? Maybe because we're all pros? ;)
    PS: In my country we deal more about beer than wine ;)
  15. >> I said I was stuck with Canon simply because i'd loose too much money by selling my Canon lenses and buying their "Nikon equivalent".

    I don't think so. I bought and sold quite a few Canon lenses and lost very little. Most Canon lenses hold their value very well. I suspect Nikon lenses are the same. I thus urge you to sell them and get what you really like.

    Happy shooting,
  16. And if anyone knows about buying and selling Canon equipment. . .that would be Yakim. :)

    BTW, Mr Prime Guy -> I know you have a 1D -> but what lenses are you using these days? Have you gone mostly IS zoom?
  17. Why are you stuck with Canon? Sell your stuff and move on ti Nikon if you want to. Photokina is just a few weeks away and maybe, just maybe Canon is going to release some new stuff.
  18. Jim, I currently have 28/1.8 USM, 50/1.8, 70-200/2.8 IS. The transition takes a long time because of the usual problems: Wife, 3 kids, 1 salary, other hobbies... :-(

    Happy shooting,
  19. Where are you mister Canon?

    Mister Canon has been busy for the last 15 years or so coming out with
    better cameras/lenses and technology than Nikon. Nikon is years behind in some areas IS/VR is fairly new for them, Canons had it for years.
    Stuck with Canon? Hardly you could sell it all on Ebay in one day and it holds its value well.
  20. "So Frank, you gonna get a noisy Nikon? ;-)"

    Nikon noise does not look that bad, just look here:
  21. Compared to the Canons it has a lot more. If you like the 'look' of Nikon noise than you can
    get it in spades at long exposure / high ISO situations.

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