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  1. Agreed, but the idea that you don't have to do that is the draw.

    Also, the car thing was just an analogy to represent the user experience.

    I am interested in your power assessment to save one photo. Maybe the lever would be simple to prime the shutter. There is plenty of space for solar panels on a camera that does not have a rear screen. Maybe you will just have to let it charge the capacitor which just holds it there in case it's ever needed. IF the battery dies and there is no sun, well then you are probably not taking pictures anyway haha. When the sun comes out, you are good to go. If your battery dies and you can't charge it and you want to take photos, you can work with this limitation and still have a camera. Seems good to me. Also, I have gone on many canoe trip greater than a week. There is much less room for non-essential items that you would think.

    Maybe id never use this function, but to know I could would be great. Not having AF in this mode and having to wind the shutter would keep you from overshooting. I think it would be a very cool feature to add. I mean, we are always adding new photographic features that sound pretty cool but no one really uses, but what about adding a user experience feature for a change? :)
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  2. You had talked about planning your fictional cameras ...
    I am saying I much prefer taking photos that can suggest fictions to thinking about cameras themselves, fictional or otherwise.

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  3. My partner & I (we are not yet married) purchased the Leica and our joy of photography has become unbounded. We scrimped and saved but it was worth it.
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  4. Did other camera makers and their camera models not let you relish photography? Which model did you buy?
    I respect Leica but seriously.... I see no object which can not be shot with a simple FM-2 or EOS-6D or even a APS-sensor camera with a good lens.
    @richard_golonka Solar panel is interestiong idea, but I think its size will not be enough. If you ask if I want that camera, I would consider my brutalist ripped version of titanium Df (30 Mp would be just right). But they would not be cheap anyway nor a mainstream and the companies love to count profits. ;)
  5. I get your point, and for the shutterspeed wheel, I agree (no experience with Leica M's, but on my R's it works just fine as does it on other SLRs). My point with wheels was more for the additional functionalities the op specified like "JPEG style".
    Taking 'classic' designs like the Nikon FM2 or Pentaxes of similar vintage, beyond the shutter speed dial, how much more can you place on the top plate?

    A camera is a tool. Ergonomics are key to make sure that using the tool and being able to operate it quickly is easy and comfortable. You clearly have other objectives in a camera than I do, but a camera with poor ergonomics is one I'd never buy, and never would recommend others to buy.
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  6. Really only Leica could get away with putting out a camera like the M10D, so if that's what you want, better snap one up. And even with Leica, we'll see how well it sells. And I say that as a Leica M10 owner. And make sure you buy an iPhone so you can actually set it up and modify the occasional setting. Nobody else is going to make anything like the M10D. Heck, nobody else is going to make anything like the M10 either. Nope, there is a set of features that the mainstream is going for and a set of features the Sony insurgency is going for and none of them involves a screenless digital camera EXCEPT for Leica who believes it has enough customers who can be depended on to spend a lot of money on an ... unconventional idea. Heck I guess I'm unconventional enough to use a rangefinder, so I'm not throwing stones, but the M10D is just a bit too far for me.

    I'll say one thing. As easily as the Leica M meters are fooled by lighting conditions, it's pretty challenging to get it right most of the time. Back when I was shooting a Leica M2, I used a spot meter and was more careful. It was satisfying to overcome those limitations, but enough to go back to those days ... at least for me. So seriously, if you really WANT this kind of camera, Leica is the only brand who will ever make anything like it. Save your pennies.
  7. To me, the most important thing about Ergonomics is the dials. You had suggested that this camera would have poor ergonomics because it has lots of dials. I dont think that is true. To me, the lack of real dials for major functions means the camera by default has poor ergonomics from the start no matter how good the rest of it is....and will always annoy me slightly no matter how much I get used to it.
  8. richard wants an SLR, not a rangefinder camera, they are so different.
  9. I know it's not a DSLR, I'm just saying that I don't see any DSLR maker doing a screenless DSLR ... ever. Leica is an odd company sometimes. I feel like all he has to do is to go film and he'll have hundreds of great cameras (with no picture viewing screen, though some have small LCD ones) at bargain prices. And many of them have either no meters, or selenium meters or meters that, when they don't have batteries, still don't keep the camera from working. Or he can find a billionaire to fund his own special camera. :rolleyes:
  10. I knew this does not exist before I crafted my post, and am aware it may never. I am just sharing that I wish it did.

    I shoot film currently. Lots of it.
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  11. Sandy Vongries

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    Bottom line - you don't have to peek / "chimp" - the camera can't make you do it. You can create what you want via settings with nearly any good Digital or Mirrorless. Have a better one.
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  12. Here's the thing . . . I have considered every camera that I have ever owned to be nothing more than a tool. Tools should be versatile.

    When I go out and shoot for myself, my personal work, looking for things that might end up hanging on the wall in my home, I can shoot all day without looking at the screen on my Nikons. But, when I am doing the same work a thousand miles from home, when it will cost me a lot of money to recreate the opportunity, or when I am being paid at a wedding or a portrait session, I need to see that I got the shots that I need.

    It's really nice to be able to do both with the same sets of bodies . . .
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