Does anyone want NVS-1 / Stuessy and Jon Falk lighting?

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  1. Blast from the past? Does anyone want my collection of NVS-1 and Falk pieces? ! I have a lot of odds and ends of NVS-1 lighting pieces: strobes bodies, cables, strobe heads, modifiers. I used these tinkered-with super powered Vivitar 283 ' s all the time time in the 1990's, and once in a while till 2005 or so. When Jon Falk retired he sent me a carton of cables and light modifiers and different bulb heads. Some wewre early prototypes and some were just extra components. I haven't touched them in a decade and will happily send them to you (in the US----if you're elsewhere pay me the postage) .
    This lighting was fabulous for location lighting in all kinds of odd situations, and easy to carry around. Or maybe you just like to tinker and these will be useful? I HATE the idea of just getting rid of them.
  2. Perhaps you could post some pictures of these rarities?

    Personally, I've never heard of an NVS-1 flash, nor of Jon Falk.
  3. Hey did you ever offload that NVS1 equipment? I always wanted to get my hands on one.
    On a side note it looks like Norm Stuessy passed away in 2019 :(
  4. I have Jon Falk's book. I love his stuff and dream about being able to still get it. I'd love to have these if you still have them.
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  6. Any pictures of the stuff?

    Without those, this thread is just talk about something only a handful of people are 'in on' and a complete waste of space to the rest of us.
  7. Wow. I know this thread is over a year old, but I owned an NVS-1, and the "strobe on a rope" bare bulb cable for it, and the "refluser" reflector/diffuser card. I also had Jon Falk’s book “Adventures in Location Lighting”. I was a photojournalism student at Indiana University’s Ernie Pyle School of Journalism, and graduated in 1993, and come to think of it, I think Falk was a guest speaker in one of my PJ classes.
    I don't remember why I sold that gear...
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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