Does anyone print and sell photo's on site?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by kyle_joyce, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. If so can you tell me your setup, or do you have any advice.


  2. I do some work for a photography company that does this once in a while. They have about 10 computers/monitors set up and they have dye sub printers. Events or teams (depending on what we are shooting) are set up in different folders. Customers browse through the folder of the event they were in or the team they are on. They pick what photos they want. An invoice prints out after they make all their selections. The invoice is given to someone and the prints are made. While we are shooting, there is always a runner collecting our CF cards so the images can be downloaded. The owners of the company seem to only do this for really large events.
  3. Hi Kyle I shoot and print photos on site. I shoot mostly hockey here are my methods.
    1. No time for photoshop Simple is best. Adjust the camera to get what you need. The majority of purchases at these events are motivated by emotion and spur of the moment thoughts. They did not get the shot you did their camera was not good enough ect....

    2. I use two pc notebooks running XP 2 Canon I950 printers pooled together, 1 Display Monitor 17" running a slide show of the event with Iview software this displays the filename as well. I also use IOMEGA photo Printer its free and runs a slide show and supports drag and drop printing. Again I cannot emphsize enough that you should keep it simple and you do not have enough time to make each image just right

    3. I shoot and get the images on the pc My wife runs the slideshow and handles the printing.

    4. At hockey I have power from the wall but remotely as in soccor or baseball if Hydro is not available I use a generator.

    5. I use a tent even indoors it defines my space and looks proffesional. At Baseball or other outdoor events I print out of my Van with the tent over the back door area.

    6. Take special request this make the customer feel special and you will do your best to get a good shot.

    I hope this info helps I shoot about 3000 shots in a 3 day event with an average of 30 to 40 teams and sell about 150 of them I do this about 7 times a year.

    If you have any other questions dont hesitate to email me

    Cheers Michael

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