Does anyone know this mount?

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  1. blp


    It is a Komura 135mm f3.5 lens s/n 512345 which was part of a lot I bought a while ago. Last remaining mount to identify. I think it might be Praktika, but not sure

    Thank you in advance for any information

  2. Exakta? Praktica cameras were produced in bayonet mount from 1979, and this lens would be older than that.
  3. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    +1 for Exakta. There should be a small locking pin on the mount flange also. Quite a few Japanese lenses were made in Exakta mount.
  4. Some Komura lenses had a removable/interchangeable mount, sort of a precursor to T2/adaptall, look for 3 little grub screws behind the mount.

    Of course, that is of no help if you have no other Komura lenses.
  5. The Exakta mount is tiny. Some clue as to its size would help identify it.
  6. blp


    it's 37mm across
  7. blp


    Thank you
  8. blp


    Thank you

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