Does anyone know about MPB?

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  1. Hi folks,

    I am researching to decide on getting a DSLR. While doing that I found

    Their prices seem too good to be true. The Canon 5D I have been looking at goes for around $500 on EBay, but I can get on for $375 on MPB. Similar story for lenses.

    There is a thread elsewhere on about someone being initially unhappy about a MPB warranty issue, but finding out that they really coudn't fix it and just wanted to know what else he would accept.

    So is MPB a reputable dealer or what?
  2. There is an MP listed in the p/n community, members, stores rated section. Not too well rated. Anything priced far below B&H/Adorama is suspect.
  3. Do you mean MP Super Buys or MP Super Store?

    I don't think is the same bunch, although my basis for this is limited to them having different addresses. MPB has offices in New York and Brighton in the UK.

    Thanks for the pointer on B&H and Adorama. When I look at their prices it isn't as far out of whack. B&H have a 5D for 399.95
  4. For a used Mk1 5d that looks reasonable. I'd still lean towards buying used gear from KEH. It's their specialty.
  5. I don't know if they are the same store.
  6. If you are referring to that has offices in Brighton UK and New York, then I recently purchased some gear from them. As I was spending a reasonable amount of money I spent a bit of time checking them out. I didn't come across any disastrous reviews (some unhappy clients but nothing out of the ordinary) and their business details checked out.

    I can only speak about the UK branch and for one purchase, though it was for 3 items (lenses). The gear was as described, works fine and they were well packed. Prices seemed on a par or maybe slightly lower than other second-hand sources (only compared in Europe/UK). Because it was a first time purchase they called me to confirm I was who I said I was - a reasonable thing to do. I haven't had to deal with them on warranty or on trade-ins - so can't speak to that.
    Disclaimer - I have no connection with the company other than as a first time buyer.
  7. I've used in the UK (I'd no idea they were operating in the US too) and would use them again. The UK shop does well on Trustpilot: . The warranty issue with the irreparable camera in the other thread was resolved amicably, wasn't it?
  8. Hi Richard,

    I believe it was resolved.

    I had a "too good to be true" sense on the prices and so wanted to do more research. (OK just ask people.)

    Apparently the price I thought was the going rate was inflated. Or is there a new mark of the 5D out?
  9. One thing to be aware of is that the gear may have been sourced in the UK - it looks like MPB has only just launched in the US, and I see some identical items on the UK (en-uk in the URL) and US (en-us) versions of the site (the pound is very weak after our craxy vote for Brexit, so it may make financial sense right now to buy secondhand gear in the UK and sell it in the US). The only issue with this is that some companies (like Nikon) won't service gear in the US that does not have a serial number in the range allocated to the US (even if you pay them out of warranty). I don't know what Canon's policy is, but it's something to bear in mind. I'm sure MPB will be open about the origin of the item if you ask them.
  10. The warning about 'bargains' that are way lower than B&H or Adorama is right on!
    MPB does not have a listing yet on the but Resellerratings is usually a good place to check first.
    As for claims of Resellerratings itself being a scam see
    Resseller is not perfect and has been fooled on occasion, but it is a source to be looked at..
  11. Resellerratings isn't much used in the UK - e.g. our best-known dealer chain, Jessops, has only 2 reviews on this site, but well over 1300 on Trustpilot, which is much more widely used over here. As a UK site that has only just launched in the US, I don't think there's anything suspicious about a lack of reviews on Resellerratings. MPB is generally well-reviewed on Trustpilot (see link above). Both these ratings sites are open to abuse, of course - it's always worth looking at some of the negative reviews as well as the overall rating. MPB's UK prices are in line with what we'd pay elsewhere.
  12. I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to respond. The answers here were helpful!

    I only recently rediscovered and it was due to great answers in the forums. (The forums came up in a search for a digital film scanner and advice about old Canon film bodies.)

    Thanks again. What a great resource is!
  13. Has anyone sold to I'm wondering what their margin % is when they list it for sale.
  14. Hi Folks,

    I finally selected and ordered via MPB. I have received the camera and lens I ordered. There where several pleasant surprises.

    The shipping was free. Both came in the OEM box. The lens had the OEM lens bag. Both had the original manuals. The camera had an extra power chord for the charger. The battery was charged and installed in the camera. (Perhaps not the best idea, but convenient when I went to fire it up.)

    I did have a moment of terror when I could not focus on anything with my eyes to the viewfinder. Only to discover the diopter adjustment built in. This is a feature I was not familiar with.

    Right now, I am very satisfied with the transaction and would do business with them again.
  15. Comparing against eBay prices can be hard. Some items are way overpriced!

    I bought a used 5D last year for my father, a Canon user since the rangefinder days, for $400, so $375 is within what I would expect.

    And yes, when the 5D mark IV price came out, the other prices decreased. I suspect that now the Mark II is a better choice used.

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