Does anyone have a "never-ready" case for a Voigtländer Vito III?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Fiddlefye, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. I'm getting a half-case made for my Vito III so I can should carry it instead of having a huge weight in a pocket. The problem is that I've never actually seen an original case in an open state to know how they worked around the area on bottom where the release button for the bed is. If anyone has a case they could share pics of or a description it would be really helpful!
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  2. A case for a Prominent works well for this, but you have to drill the bottom to get a hole for the Open button
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  3. Not related.. but I am looking for a EVerready case for the Yashica FX1 the mount is off center from the regular later FX series and I did try a TL Electro M42 Series SLR case .. no luck!
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  4. I am looking for a case for a AGFA Jsolette folder ?
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