Does anyone display their images on Facebook etc

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  1. I was wondering if any photographers have websites or display their work on Facebook etc. If you do which ones do you use and do you think they are worthwhile.
  2. I think you are asking about promoting your work? Well, I certainly do post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. I don't do that for promotion so much as for fun. I do not have a personal website ATM. I know of at least on cinematographer who got a job via Instagram. It happens!
    One way to get your work seen is to contribute to a photography website - maybe you can share a technique or a travel story or a camera review.
  3. Yes I share my family oriented photos on facebook. I do not sell photos or anything of that sort. Just a guy taking pictures of his Grandkids and such.
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  4. I post my photos on Facebook. Not for promotion, but to share with other photographers.
  5. I post pictures of Shelter animals to try and help promote them.
  6. I post many of my photographs on Facebook and I also have had a site on for a number of years.
  7. I photogrpahed an indoor swim meet last Sunday. It is on facebook now.
  8. I think some very successful photographers work very hard at making use of social media and websites to promote their photography business. I have attended several seminars by rock star photographers covering shooting, lighting and business models, how to get the ball rolling and gain momentum. A website, Facebook Page, Twitter, YouTube and other social media outlets. To really make it, this marketing is almost a full-time job in itself, but it is all about getting seen and getting the next gig. One photographer that comes to mind LINK is all over the web promoting her photography. She does high-end weddings and has become very successful.
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    I used to before Instagram. Now, I post only in Instagram and uses facebook to promote.
  10. As above, I have some friends and family pictures on FB. If I want to show them to more than just my FB friends, I put them on their own page.

    FB allows you to create a page not named after a person. I suspect that the suggested use is for promotion, but I have some with pictures from trips or other events.

    is from my high school reunion last year, which included a tour of the school.

    The black and white pictures are from 120 film in a Speedex.

    are from my last days in my college dorm, on Tri-X that then sat in the camera for 30 years.

    I had borrowed my father's Canon VI, bought a 50 foot roll of Tri-X, and this was the end of the roll.
  11. I have a Flickr gallery of my current work. I would call it worthwhile in that it costs me nothing and gives me some pleasure: I don't think I'd recommend it as a vehicle for promotion or sales.
    You can see it at
  12. Lots of people seem to use Facebook but I'm not too keen on it. Things seem to appear that I never posted.
  13. I use facebook for casual pictures, going out etc with a group, big days etc. Rather post direct to Facebook for these b/c if they are linked to elsewhere few people click on the link.

    My own photography I use a link to my Flickr.

    But yes even in my country one of the Nikon Ambassador use Facebook directly for his images and then linked to somewhere else where prints can be bought.
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  15. Might have to give it another try then.
  16. More for fun than anything else, I post one photo a day to FB. I also have a website ( but, again, for fun and which I'm considering giving up.
  17. When you upload to FB, there is an option for a higher quality mode. Normal is barely screen resolution when downloaded. It doesn't keep the full resolution, but probably enough for a 5x7 inch print. All mine upload in the high quality mode.
  18. Just for the record.
    Waaay back when it was fairly new, it took nearly a week of trying before I could quit Face Book.

    I'll never go back, ever.
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    What is Farcebook??
  20. It is sort of like sex.

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