Does Anybody Have a Z9?

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  1. There are indeed competent silent cameras from other makes (mainly Sony and now also Canon) but they do not provide similar compatibility and functionality with Nikon autofocus lenses that the Z9 does. As for the move to silent photography, it's not instant and binary but over time it becomes more important as the stacked sensor cameras become more common. Nikon is 4-5 years behind in providing this capability and thus the pressure can be seen in the high interest in the Z9. Mirrorless native lens lineups still lack many items and thus having access to existing DSLR lenses such as 200/2, 300/2.8, etc. can be important to some.
  2. A friend of mine just called to tell me his Z 9 is on its way from his retail vendor in the US to his house in Houston, TX . He is not in NPS.
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    Would he be interested in flipping it for $6500? :rolleyes:
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  4. Shun, I had similar thoughts, but I know what his answer would have been!
    On my order, I just changed my Z S lens from the Nikon 24-70mm f4 to the Nikon 24-120mm f4. For my shooting, the 24-120mm will provide more versatility than the 24-70 f4.
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    I assume the Z 24-120mm/f4 S is going to be much better than the F-mount version. When I bought the 24-120mm/f4 AF-S VR in 2010, my FX body was the 12MP D700 and I was very happy with the lens. More recently, during a trip I used it on the D850 and I realized that for my landscape shots, the edges of my wide angle landscape is unsharp even at f8.

    Since I already have the 24-200, I'll probably skip the 24-120 S, which looks big to me. (Actually both F and Z 24-120mm/f4 use the same 77mm filter size and have the same widest diameter, but the Z lens is longer, I suppose to make up for the shorter flange distance.) I also have the 24-70mm/f4 S since when it was the only Z lens available. For an f4 zoom, I do find it zoom range a bit limited.
  6. The new 24-120 is truly a great lens where as the F mount version showed it was a lens of compromises. I can get critical sharpness at any focal length in the corners on my Z7II and now the Z9 with ease by F8. As far as size goes, it is in between the 24-70 F4 and 24-70 2.8 as one would expect so while not tiny like the 24-70 F4, it still feels compact.

    As far as the Z9 goes, I have had it just under 24 hours so I am putting it through it’s workups and expect to do a job with it this week. It’s fast at everything, is as small as a grip integrated body can be and still be ergonomic. It’s really good to have dedicated buttons back, it is freeing up the “i” menu which in turn frees up the “My Menu” slots.

    Did I say it is fast? Because it is ridiculously fast at everything. Also, shooting under LED lights that used to cause bad banding no longer does at any shutter speed, huge improvement there.

    So far, I think it’s a winner for me.
  7. According to Tony Northrup people are flipping it on Ebay for $11000. That is really bad as Nikon could have made that extra $5500.
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    For that you can check eBay yourself. There are a few Z9 going for $10K, $12K, and $14K, but IMO those are isolated cases. If one is in the scalper business, you can probably flip a Z9 for $6500, $7000 without too much trouble within the next week or two. However, those prices are very volatile, though.
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  9. The flipping is bad for Nikon in my opinion. They have a promising product and they might fail if they can't deliver them fast enough.
  10. If that were true then other high demand products would "fail" if they were in short supply for the first few months and that rarely proves to be the case.

    And it happens with a lot of consumer electronics products on launch, iPhones for example go for stupid money for a couple of weeks until everything settles down. I think it actually does the opposite of hurting a company, it fuels pent up demand.

    Now to Ford's credit on the Lightning, they are putting controls in place since they had to cease taking anymore orders for the truck for 2022.
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  11. Let's hope camera shops don't take any clues from the car dealers and start adding a "dealer markup" on top of the MSRP.
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    Hmm... don't give 'em any
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    At least I am not aware of any camera store that is selling at a higher price, but who knows maybe some stores have taken a few early samples and are auctioning them at those highly inflated $14K prices.
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  14. Can't imagine anyone wanting/needing a Z9 that badly to pay above MSRP; and no one is forced to pay more for that camera. Some pay much more for certain photographic equipment :eek:

    There are some $7k-$8k sales on ebay but somehow I doubt those $12k ones are real sales.
  15. Some people want to pay 50% over MSRP for bragging rights? Insane.
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  16. Apple tends to make sure they have enough phone for everyone on launch,
  17. I think Nikon policy is to prohibit their authorized dealer to sell for less so perhaps the prohibit them selling for more also.
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  18. If one wants the same product as 30 million other people, and are fine with the manufacturer "updating" the product every year without any substantial changes, year after a year yet making a 50% profit, you know which product to buy.

    In many fields, whether it is golf clubs, cars, cameras or computers, 3 month delivery is now fast and one may have to wait 6-9 months from order to delivery. What is curious is why Nikon is pinned on this when it affects many other products in a similar way.
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    Nikon marketing themselves generated a lot of hype for the Z9, and they used a lot of Nikon Ambassadors and those so called YouTube "influencers." And while a lot of people are suffering during this pandemic, some of those who are well off have plenty of money but not that much else to do. The anticipation for this new Z9 seems strong.

    As far as I can tell, Nikon has been delivering quite a few Z9 already, probably around 5000 in the US alone after two weeks. Back in 2016, Nikon announced the D5 in early January (for the Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics later that year). I think they started shipping around February/March. I waited a while before ordering from B&H on April 13, and they shipped a month later on May 12. I had a trip to Africa that year in mid June, such that I still had a full month to get used to the new camera. My D5 has the serial number 30018**. Therefore apparently after three months, there were still only around 2000 to 3000 D5 in the US. (The D5 is a bit tricky since Nikon use different serial number sequences for the Compact Flash version and the XQD version, although that card module can be changed. Apparently the majority of people bought the XQD version.)
  20. My friend got his on Thursday. He emailed me abut the battery and firmware update. The battery took about 4 hours to fully charge. And the first attempt at the firmware update failed. He said the likely culprit was that the battery was not fully charged. He fixed things by charging the battery again, made sure the camera menu readout said it was at 100% and the camera was plugged into an external power source with the AC charger before you attempt to do the firmware update.

    He is setting it up using Moose Peterson's set up recommendations. He is thrilled with pictures taken so far with his Nikon 200-400mm on the FTZ II adapter.

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