Does a Radio Triggered Cable Release exist?

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  1. Hi,

    I have a crazy idea of making 4x5 landscapes on my friends drone. He has this huge drone that he uses for his Red Video cameras. I figured id get a my Cambo-Wide balanced on that somehow. But how do trip the shutter? I have one of those self timer releases, but that only gives me 10secs, I would need much more time to get the camera up in the air and stabilized.

    Does a Radio Triggered Cable Release exist?
  2. Dunno, probably not straight out of the box? - You could get the old style solenoid shutter releases (as used with Speedgraphics powered by their flashguns) and tap the bird's RC system? - It is probably providing some relais to trigger the usually carried digital toys and all you have to find out is if that one can stand the current of your shutter release.
    Open issues are:
    • How to get the release powered? - A battery as compact as possible would be desirable
    • How to convert the "on" for a video camera to an impulse that ends for your stills setup?
    I'd be confident to operate a lot more than just a shutter with my old 1980s RC sets (for airplanes ships or cars) but fear what comes with drones is less modular than them.
  3. Not difficult, depending on your shutter. If you have a modern electronic shutter like the Rodenstock E Shutter or the Rollei Linear Motor Shutters then it would be very easy to trip them remotely by radio, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.. if yo7 have a standard Copal or Compur shutter then it can be done via a solenoid, but no5 without a lot of complications.
    The E Shutter is easily fired by remote control from an iPhone o4 iPad via Rodenstock’s free App from the Apple Store. However you would have to rig some kind of computer to the shutter as it works teathered.
  4. Rodenstock E Shutter looks so expensive ; (
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  5. There's a possible DIY solution. The direct link doesn't work here, but a Google search for "DIY Wireless Remote Created with a Cable Release and Arduino" will find it.
  6. Amazing, now I just have to figure out how to built this thing... I don't know anything about electronics or coding. : (

    DIY Wireless Remote Created with a Cable Release and Arduino
  7. I'm pretty sure I've seen radio controlled releases, but it was years ago. Could you just buy some low end RC stuff at a hobby shop, plus a small servo, and rig it up to trip the shutter? Or, could there be an extra channel on the drone controller to do it?
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    Me too - I'm thinking in Boy Mechanic or Boy Scientist. Copies may still be somewhere in the pallets of books in my box room (lost forever!), but also available for sale & for free on line. Not certain that was the source, just rang a bell.
  9. Great books! I've got a copy of The Scientific American Boy. I think there was also a Boy Electrician book. I long for the days when people built things, out of necessity or for enjoyment. Not quite PC on the titles though, gotta get those girls involved too. There were also some good books on building photographic equipment. One was by Fraprie & Jordan, another a collection from Popular Science.
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    Several years ago I cobbled together a remote for my Pentax 6X7, but it was not radio controlled. I still had to connect it to the "transmitter" unit via a cable.
    A Remote Shutter Release for the 6x7
    Something similar might work for you if you can adapt the drone's power supply and a control channel to power and trigger the solenoid. A responder to my link said that he made a radio version and provided a link. Regards.
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  11. I want to do something similar with an auto focus auto wind point and shoot, and a DJI phantom 2 drone.

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