Do your customers order metallic prints?

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by laura_dunn, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. My lab recently started offering metallic prints, so I ordered a few to see
    how they look. I got about a dozen from an engagement shoot I did a couple of
    week ago. I was more impressed with the black and white than with the color
    prints. My question is, do you have a lot of customers asking for metallic
    prints? Also, do you show your bride & groom different finishes- glossy,
    lustre, etc. when you're showing them your work so they can consider what they
    might want as a final product? All of my proofs I do in matte finish and
    customers have only ever purchased glossy or matte from me before. Thanks!
  2. We've had a few metallic print orders. I agree, that the B/W metallics look nice. I prefer them over the color ones. With metallic color prints, use lower contrat images.

  3. I love metallic for animal pictures, but no people. Mpix suggests that you don't use them for people pics.
  4. I like the metallics, but have had the metallic material peel off the paper...what can I do to prevent that?? I don't want to sell metallic prints to someone, and have them come back to me a week later with a big old gouge in the print.

    Anyone do metallic prints in albums? I had a request for that last week, but because of the sensitivity of the paper I'm afraid to do it.

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