Do you miss the pre 5D Mark II days ?

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  1. What are we going to gripe about now that the 5D II with more megapixels that we ever imagined is out now ?
  2. its lousy autofocus?
  3. There has already ben a forum griping about it.
  4. When is the 5d MIII coming out or Should I wait for the 1DmIV? I think those will be the next gripes :)
  5. 5d/2 has more megapixels than we ever imagined?
  6. Benjamin is right - There are already several threads here filled with gripes about a camera no one has seen except in pictures. Is it some kind of Nikonian plot? Are some people never happy? Is the Pope Catholic?
  7. Making compelling photos that say something?
  8. My grip, along with many others, is and will be NO DUAL CARD SLOTS!

    If it had the dual slots, i'd have a pre-order in ASAP. But....i'll pass.
  9. You can't put EF-S lenses on it, it doesn't have a built in flash and it doesn't have body based image stabilization. The Sony has more pixels, a built in flash and can use the Sony/Minolta APS-C coverage lenses, plus it has body based stabilization (up to 4 stops) so you can have a stabilized system with a 50/1.4 lens that can be hand held down to maybe 1/4s.

    If you look hard enough, there's plenty of opportunity for moaning and complaining about the shortcomings of the 5D MkII, as I'm sure we will see in the coming days.

    I also certainly agree that we will soon be discussing whether to get a 5D MkII or wait and see what Canon offer in the 1Ds MkIV, which can't be far away now (PMA perhaps?).
  10. Bob, I assume your first sentence is mostly tongue-in-cheek, but I would have liked built-in flash.
  11. getting more and more like DPR over here, I hate to see that.
  12. Only very slightly tongue in cheek. I really would like to see Canon offer body based stabilization. It's quite compatible with IS lenses as long as you only have one of the IS systems operating at one time.

    The EF-S lens issue is also only sightly tongue in cheek. Both Nikon and Sony allow the use of existing APS-C coverage lenses on their full frame DSLRs, with the camera operating in a crop sensor mode. Due to the EF-S lens design (which I think hasn't really improved the lenses much), this is semi-impossible for Canon to do.

    So while the 5D MkII looks like a great camera, perhaps the best "affordable" full frame camera, it's certainly not perfect and those looking for faults or omissions will certainly be able to find some.

    Here's another one. I believe that both the Nikon and Sony can wirelessly control an off camera flash (via their built in flash). With Canon not only do you not have a built in flash, even if you did (like the 40D/50D etc.) you still can't control an off camera flash without adding a 550/580 series speedlite or wireless flash controller.
  13. Some good points Bob, so why don't we all switch to Nikon?
  14. Sheesh, I thought the 5D was perfect. How can the improved one be any less than a goddess cam?
  15. Seriously, the ability to shoot HD video got me wanting one. Yes I do wish it had a pop up flash ( I know amature ) I don't
    care about EF-S and I can live without the wireless flash or built in IS.
  16. What's a 5D Mark II?
  17. "Some good points Bob, so why don't we all switch to Nikon?"

    Well, the D700 is only 12MP, so 5D owners don't need to bother!

    My lenses won't fit on the Sony and I can't afford to buy a whole new set of lenses, so I guess I'll just stick with Canon for a while. I think I'll keep my 40D and 5D for a while though. My Powershot A720is shoots pretty decent movies and if they're not good enough my Canon ZR 80 makes excellent movies, has an 18x zoom lens and can record for two hours. It also uses the same BP511/512 batteries as my 40D and 5D, so I only need one set of batteries and one charger. It's also small enough to slip into my pocket or a lens pouch.

    Don't get me wrong, as I said, I think the 5D MkII is great. Not perfect, but very good.
  18. I'll venture a guess that the current 5D will be remembered as a classic. Not perfect by any means, but a workhorse
    camera. Other than the Digic IV processor, too many bells and whistles on the 5DMII; the pixel-count race reminds me of
    the gigahertz race with computers not too long ago. I'll be looking for the (hopefully) next rebate on the 5D to get one before
    they're gone.
  19. "Due to the EF-S lens design (which I think hasn't really improved the lenses much), this is semi-impossible for Canon to do."

    The EF-S lens design was not done to "improve" lenses, it was done to lower lens cost slightly and to allow another mm or so on the wide angle range of zooms. is nothing like dpReview. If you want it to be, we can start 18 threads about why adding movie mode will overheat the sensor and melt the camera, or all the good and useful "potential" features that Canon allegedly had to drop from the camera in order to be able to add movie mode...
  20. It only captures light that is visible to humans, making it useless for taking pictures to send to my friends from other planets.
  21. I do with it used SD cards instead of (or in addition to) the old CF card format...
  22. I do *wish* that is...
  23. So...the "good old days" are now last week?

    I'm gettin' too old too fast
  24. Also, Bill, the weather sealing is a big one.
  25. "The EF-S lens design was not done to "improve" lenses, it was done to lower lens cost slightly and to allow another mm or so on the wide angle range of zooms."

    Unfortunately, you are wrong. The EF-S lens design has a shorter back focus distance, which means that the rear element of the lens can be closer to the sensor. In turn that means that wideangle lens design can be slighly less retrofocus, which in turn means that in theory image quality can be improved. If you knew your Canon history, you would know that improved image quality was Canon's selling point for the EF-S lens design. Otherwise they could simply have done like Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Nikon, Pentax and Sony and kept the same backfocus distance. The consequence of moving the rear element position back necesitated protecting it with an extension of the lens housing into the camera body. A full frame reflex mirror would then have hit it, so Canon modified the lens mount so that you couldn't mount an EF-S lens on a full frame (or 1.3x) body to prevent mirror and lens damage.

    The redesigned EF-S lens mount was never to done to lower lens cost or allow a wider zoom. The sigma 10-22 doesn't extend into the camera body like the EF-S 10-22 does, neither does the new Tamron 10-24. Canon could easily have used the EF mount by using similar optical designs to those used by Sigma and Tamron.

    So please don't post bad information in the forums. There's enough in here already without adding more.

    Bob Atkins - Technical Editor,
  26. I'm still waiting for coffee maker custom function attachment.
  27. That's what a photo assistant is for!
  28. How about a built in alarm clock in the camera. I mean that as a joke, but it might prove useful.
  29. And it doesn't have a cigar lighter................

    I love my 5D and certainly have no "need" for the 5D MKii but I might get one anyway just because it's a bargain.
  30. You can't put EF-S lenses on it, -- I don't have any, because I've used a few. they're trash.

    it doesn't have a built in flash -- my XTi does. times I have used it since I got my 580 EXII: Zero. (AF pre-flash of the
    built-in makes it useless. this makes people at raves freak out. need soothing red lines.)

    and it doesn't have body based image stabilization. -- that's a good one.

    The Sony has more pixels -- word. but only 14% more. and, er, have you seen the samples?

    a built in flash -- See #2

    and can use the Sony/Minolta APS-C coverage lenses, -- I'll probably live.

    plus it has body based stabilization (up to 4 stops) -- nice.

    so you can have a stabilized system with a 50/1.4 lens that can be hand held down to maybe 1/4s. -- maybe.

    If you look hard enough, there's plenty of opportunity for moaning and complaining about the shortcomings of the 5D
    MkII, as I'm sure we will see in the coming days. -- or sooner.

    I also certainly agree that we will soon be discussing whether to get a 5D MkII or wait and see what Canon offer in the
    1Ds MkIV. -- not if the 1Ds4 is still 8 grand we wont.

    which can't be far away now (PMA perhaps?) -- We'll see.
  31. I prefer 12 big-sized genuine megapixels rather than (citing dpreview) "DIGIC 4 also provides for improved noise
    reduction algorithms, complementing the already low noise images from the EOS 5D Mark II’s CMOS sensor.". They
    try to convince us with pixel count, and tell you that their noise suppression algorithms take care of the rest.
    However, even the latest cutting-edge-noise-suppression algorithms (published in IEEE and other journals) cannot
    do miracles. At least where high ISO is needed, your 21 megapixels resolution shrinks to an effective lower one,
    because you loose texture details (for specialists: high spatial frequencies).

    Nikon for sure does not sleep, and I speculate that a D3x will likely to be equipped with the latest SONY sensor
    (24MP), and perhaps they are going to release also a D700x with movie capability. A distinguishing feature with
    Nikon is their backward lens compatibility. The rest (technology, handling...), as many things in life, may be a
    simple matter of taste...
  32. "Well, the D700 is only 12MP, so 5D owners don't need to bother!"

    Some are now trying to say that's a more attractive feature. See above.
  33. 21 Mpixel... Ha. The guys here have a Gpixel camera (
    releases/GPC/gigapixel_camera-8-07.html) Now that's a camera. You will need a sturdy tripod though. :)

    The 5D is a wonderful camera with a few flaws. The 5DII is an even better camera with fewer flaws. Sure, I wish it had
    a mirror flip-up button, but it is an amazing piece of technology. Someday when I upgrade (no time soon), I will continue
    taking lots of bad photographs with a significantly improved camera.

  34. You can't put EF-S lenses on it, -- I don't have any, because I've used a few. they're trash.
    So, because you've used a couple of cheapie EF-S lenses, you can assert that the 17-55 is trash?
    Back to the original topic: the glaring omission, of course, is ECF. Now all the rest of your ECF-lovers (I know there are lots of others, as they chime in whenever ECF is discussed) can chime in and we can hope that Canon is listening and we only have a couple of years to wait for the 5D IIIE. Although I'm not holding my breath.
  35. what's the big deal about dual card slots? I have dual card slots in my 1dm11 and rarely use the second. . doesn't anyone remember film cameras with just 36 exposures? We all got by fine with that. it amazes me that everyone bashes a camera before they've even laid hands on it. Funny! Everyone looked forward to the release of new film cameras...and they were rarely disappointed.
  36. Still no dedicated mirror lock up button, but with now three custom modes less of an issue.
    Cable release connector still on the side of the body where it interferes with L plates--should have moved it to the
    front or top.
    GPS connectivity requires extra battery grip.

    Nice to see a new prime wide angle lens. I don't quite understand why they have not released a new 20 mm first--
    IMHO the biggest gap in their line-up. And IS for the 400mm f/5.6.
  37. When I switched to full-frame (5D) in 2006, I also bought my first EOS lenses, and right now I have no EF-S lenses--so that is not an issue. I don't do sports or action photography, so the AF question is not an issue for me. The 5D II has better weather sealing than the 5D, which itself was good enough for my purposes.

    So . . . I am going to be looking almost solely at image quality in the reviews that will be coming out. For my type of shooting, that is the ultimate criterion, as it bears on the one thing that matters to me: results for my style of shooting. If or another reputable individual or outfit shows the 5D II to be superior in IQ to whatever else is out there at the price, I will probably get one sooner or later.

    Even so, I do believe that the future belongs to SONY: lots of money for R&D, anti-shake built into the camera, a good line of lenses for those who are just starting out and don't yet have a lot invested in Canon or Nikon lenses, etc. Canon will probably add anti-shake to the body sooner or later, but when?

    Until I have had a chance to find out more about the image quality of the 5D II, I am not going to complain. I don't see any point in complaining about something that I have never used, or even held.

    Nikon? I will say this about Nikon. If its fans will stop saying "We don't need more megapixels" and start calling for more megapixels, Nikon could come away the winner. At that point, of course, Nikon fans will suddenly start shouting about how many megapixels they can use, rather than how they don't need them. Right now they can only shout about frames per second, low noise at extremely high ISO, and more points in auto-focus. Some are in extreme denial about image quality. None of those advantages that Nikon clearly holds in certain functions is enough to make me want to go with the D700 or D3 right now. If I were an action shooter, things might be different. (Then again, given the 1D III and my investment in Canon lenses, I am not so sure.)

    All the noise reminds me of a quote we hear in academia: the fights are so bitter because the stakes are so small. Now that digital imaging has matured and we can only look forward to paying more and more for smaller and smaller incremental improvements, the stakes get smaller and smaller, and the bickering and complaining get more and more ridiculous.

    We are arguing and complaining about things of less and less significance. I say, get a good camera of any reputable brand and go shoot some pictures. Since no camera out there can "do it all" the very best, camera and brand selection right now come down to which does what the best: Nikon for speed, Canon for image quality, SONY for in-camera anti-shake. For my purposes, Canon is therefore looking pretty good right now, and the 5D II looks like something I can get excited about--when the price starts to drop. In the meantime I'll keep shooting my 5D and IDs II along with my full-frame L lenses, as long as I can afford to do so. No point in changing horses in midstream again. I'm happy. Canon will be either at or near the top for the rest of my life, and so my future in photography lies with Canon. If I were younger or shot different styles, I am sure that I might see it differently.

    I can't wait to see the image comparisons.

  38. "So, because you've used a couple of cheapie EF-S lenses, you can assert that the 17-55 is trash?"

    Tongue slightly in cheek of course... ;) But my partner has this lens, and she's still always asking to use my 28-135,
    which as we have discussed before, has it's own issues. I have compared it directly to my 16-35, and I'm afraid it doesn't
    come close.

    Anyway, there are better lenses out there than EF-S for just about every focal length, except the 10-22, which I have not
    used and I've considered buying, but I doubt I'll keep using my XTi for landscapes when I have a 5DII/16-35 combo.
  39. I don't know about the future belonging to Sony.

    I'm impressed that they've stabilized full frame. I have no clue how fast they autofocus, or if they tend to hunt focus.

    However when activated you cannot see the image stablize in the viewfinder on image stabilzed dslr bodies. When
    using my 70-200mm 2.8L IS and 1.4x or 2x I really enjoy seeing the image stabilize in the viewfinder.

    Nikon and Sony are making canon better, more competetive. I doubt 3 years will pass before the consumer full frame
    5D mark II is replaced. Without Nikon and Sony offering full frame(s) I bet we'd just be wondering why 5D still had no

    Me, I'm way too happy with 5D I picked up this year and I look foward to getting a 5D II by Spring 2010, likely when
    discontinued or costs a few hundred less? We'll see if its a production cycle of 18 months instead of 36 months.

    I never buy freshly
    issued equiptment. Its always worth waiting for wants. Needs, thats different. With full fame inhand means 5D II is a
    want & not a need for me.

  40. TIME. That is what I miss most. Using my 5D is not a very common event with young kids and everyday life. My 5D still exceeds anything I expect of it. It easily beats my 10D in all respects esp AF. It equals MY usage of the EOS3 AF accuracy so I'm happy. I'm sure the 5D MKII day will come for me but nobody here has been desperate for a replacement they've only been too happy with the 5D itself. Long live the 5D.
  41. Sharpen your teeth, those of you who bear a kinship to vultures, A stupid question: Why does a camera born from the ashes of film have to have a a HD video component? No DSLR can do what a movie camera can and is designed to do at its various cost points. If you want to take pictures of your kids or grandkids playing soccer get one. The results will warm your heart, indubitably. But if you want to take the best single shots your eye, technique, and soul can produce why not demand that Canon et al keep HDV with HDV, and 'film' with 'film'. Aristotle would love the neater taxonomy. I resent having to pay for the 'movie film' content of a camera. The space it uses can better be taken up by the technology some of us would prefer on a DSLR-(Mirror lock up, or 10 frames a second anyone? -----Filll in the blank.) OR give us a choice next time: a new Canon 5DIII with or without the movie hash, the latter at a lower price.
  42. ^ What a visionary...
    "No DSLR can do what a movie camera can and is designed to do at its various cost points."
    How about accept my 15mm fisheye... or any of the other lenses I already own? Which video camera does that?
    How about... be present in my hand while I'm shooting stills?


    Maybe you just work out more than I do and like to carry around more stuff. That's fair.
    It hilarious how badly this video thing offends some people. Well ya better get used to it, chickpea. This is going to change the game for all of us, and any amount of technophobic curmudgeonyness isn't going to stop it.
  43. My son is a professional multiple award winning videographer and producer. I asked him about this - and he responded the same way a Mac user responds to a PC. DSLR Video may enable someone to throw some amateur stuff up on You Tube, but that's probably as far as it going to get. The professional video folks are not saying, "get used to it, chickpea." What they're saying is "this ain't changin' the game at all!"
  44. It's just another tool. In the hands of an amateur, you'll get amateur results. Personally, I'm excited about the things that
    crusty old pros haven't though of yet.

  45. The video is about marketing. More people will see it as an asset than as a liability, and therefore it will increase sales, whether it "should" or not.

  46. "The EF-S lens issue is also only sightly tongue in cheek. Both Nikon and Sony allow the use of existing APS-C coverage lenses on their full frame DSLRs..."

    Bob, may I ask what EF-S lens do you have that you want to mount on 5DII and live with the resulting 8 mpixels?
  47. "The space it uses can better be taken up by the technology some of us would prefer on a DSLR-(Mirror lock up, or 10
    frames a second anyone? -----Filll in the blank.)"

    The 5DII doesn't have mirror lock-up? Wow. I was (probably naively) thinking that MLU would be a given. Disappointing.
  48. What is missing is some kind of external way of activating mirror lock-up. No one wants to have to go into those menus to perform a function as basic as that. Lots of megapixels mean nothing if one cannot keep the whole outfit from vibrating and blurring them all together.
  49. I'm happy with my 5D, 40D and 30D converted to infrared. Almost always, even when I just walk around, I have 580 or 550 flash (depends on what bag I'm taking). I don't care about wireless controller and thinking to sell my Canon wireless transmitter as I will mostly use strobes for indoors portraiture. I'm absolutely fine with autofocus in any body I have. What about more AF points mentioned somewhere in photonet, I will be appreciate if it will be somehow closer to the corner area, which couldn't be find in any Canon or Nikon body. More ISO with less noise possibility sounds very attractive in coming body. Also more pixels will be a good thing for those, shooting for stock, where more file size needed. Second card is a real thing I will miss in the new otherwise excellent Mark II body.
  50. Seems like I'm not t he only one... industry/
    The video isn't posted yet, but it certainly sounds interesting.
  51. The video possibilities sound pretty neat to me for street photography stuff. Maybe not used in the manner one would
    shoot regular videos, but making clips that can be edited, morphed, and repurposed into other things for presentations. I'm
  52. Video... bah who needs it? The professional wedding photographer who can capture the look in peoples eyes as they exchange the rings?

    The nature photographer catching a bird / animal during feeding?

    Dont think of it as a 'video camera' - think of it as a 'camera which allows video'.

    However I have no idea why we would need improved weather proofing and sensor cleaning. The daily pleasure taken in locking up the mirror; the tension of applying the fluids and swabs; the smell of fluids, the sweat of making sure you dont scratch the glass. That is what taking photos should be about. Why can we not even use flash bulbs?
  53. Agree on the video. Almost in insult to a landscape guy, which is the market that many assume the 5D is aimed at. I think it should have been put in the 50D, and it's only software, since 50D and 5Dmkii share processors.

    Where is the viewfinder shutter? This is a $2600 camera guys. It's price puts it in the league of the D700. Did I ask for a viewfinder shutter? I can understand not including one in a $1-1.5k camera, but come on guys.
  54. A more serious discussion of the video feature: if my $2600 could get me everything I or anyone ever dreamed of in a still camera, then throwing in a feature like HD video couldn't possibly be an issue. I could simply ignore it if I didn't want to use it, and the rest of the camera does everything a still camera should.

    Unfortunately, the 5D mkii has some omissions relative to its still camera role, omissions consciously carried out by Canon. This is why the video feature bothers me, as I see it as causing Canon to not include a viewfinder shutter. This kind of decision making is called 'lack of focus', and is quite disturbing to me.
  55. On in-body stabilization: if I had to choose between lower noise sensor and in-body stabilization, I would choose the former. A low noise sensor gets me the 2-3 stops that stabilzation gets me anyway, and I get the advantage on the other end in image quality for shots that don't require shutter speed.

    And yes, I have to choose.
  56. On mirror lockup: I just confirmed that my user menu has an entry in it called 'Mirror lockup'. 2 button presses instead of 1. This is an issue?
  57. Why yes, it means you lack the joy of locking the mirror up on accident at a critical time. I wonder which sports league will be first to ban still cameras that also shoot digital for violating their TV contracts. Then again the NFL is already grumping about making still photographers pay for rights.
  58. Guy, and all you other doubters, get a grip, oh and a separate viewfinder shutter!

    The only thing limiting 99.9999% of photographers now is their imagination and the inclination to work around
    any, perceived, short comings in gear, few of us truly test the limits of the 5D, even fewer will find ourselves
    limited by the 5D MkII. It does have countless features that various people won't need or use but most of them
    will be used by somebody. The gear now is so much better than we are!

    You might not like Vincent Lafoet's film or ever use the film function, but, when he got to play with a new
    camera with new features what did he do, he took DSLR camera use to a new level and in a completely different
    direction! Do you think he bitched about not having a lever that he could work around with a $1 piece of plastic,
    no he took what he was given and ran with it.
  59. The subject of the orginal question is 'going to gripe'. If that $1 piece of plastic would stay with the camera, and was
    as easy to apply as pushing a lever, I wouldn't have a problem. The D700 has that shutter for a reason. The 5D
    does not, and I assume the reason it didn't get in on the mk ii is that Canon opted for HD movies! I'm not knocking
    the 5D mk ii, which looks like a great camera. I'm knocking Canon for choosing features that are not still camera
    features over those that are.
  60. Guy the $1 piece of plastic sits in the hot shoe, a mere 1 inch away, it isn't that difficult to use either! If
    you need a Canon with a shutter get a 1 series, a secondhand 1DS MkII for less than $3,000 and low actuations are
    very common. My point was, justifiable grips are pretty hard to do now, and, almost every one of the "problems"
    with 50D, 5D MkII, 1D MkIII and 1DS MkIII really are a reflection on the user and not the gear. I used to shoot
    sports with manual focus gear at max 5fps, at the time it was the best available, lots of stunning images were
    taken by that equipment (not, in general, by me though!). It really seems to me, reading through some of the
    forum threads, that lots of "photographers" have lost touch with picture making and taking.

    I have a 300 f2.8 IS, there are several features on it that I just don't use, for goodness sake there are 4
    programmable buttons on it! I used them to see if they work and if I found them useful but have never used them
    since. Many people do use them though. I have a 1D, it can take amazing pictures, yep 4MP, I used to show the
    shots to magazine people here and they used to laugh when I said it was a 4MP image, they said they couldn't use
    them, well now, 3 years later, they understand that the images are 100% usable. Hell I have known covers shot
    with P&S cameras.

    So now we have reached basically the optimal MP resolution for 24x36 sensors lets look inside ourselves to see
    where the real "problems" in our gear are. I know where mine are.
  61. Regarding 35mm film, the smell of it and the contemplation of results, good or bad, which will be sorely missed and
    is made a thing of the past by such wonders as the 5DII.

    Re: DSLR, not much; except that the 40D's 1.6x somewhat retrograded my w/a photopgraphy back to 1986 and the
    FF 5DII will restore the halcyon days of EOS in the 1990s - yes please!

    Now what to do with the Mamiya 645 stuff?! On a glass shelf to remind myself daily of past but joyful youthful folly?!

    The price/quality intersection has finally arrived at the right price-point (whatever that was ever supposed to mean
    back in the days of pre-prosumer photopgraphy)
  62. Canon built in moves for their next several cameras. Why put in all the features you want now, when they can lure you into buying them in next three models. Sucks, but its the way it is. I hope its not replaced in a few months like the 30D, 40D, 50D releases.

  63. "Guy the $1 piece of plastic sits in the hot shoe, a mere 1 inch away, it isn't that difficult to use either! "

    Scott - great idea, tho not sure what to do with it when the flash is in the hot shoe? I'm going to try attaching it to the camera body somehow. Darn - wish I had a shutter. I know I'm in the minority, as the Canon design really does favor the action shooter, but that sensor really gets me every time, and the new one looks very good.
  64. What I really miss in this new "video camera" is the information about HOW MANY AEB SHOTS can do EOS 5D MkII.
    I shall appreciate any answer on this point, as I could not find any on Canon’s literature. I suppose that the meaning
    of the lack of information on this subject is nothing that Canon has not improved the previous model.
    Thanks in advance
  65. Am I missing something? My 5Ds came with an eyepiece cover that slips onto the neckstrap (and yes, can be transferred to a better aftermarket neckstrap). I rarely use it because I shoot weddings, but if you need it, it's there. And while I recognize that shooting for HDR images you might want more than 3 AEB shots, be creative: dial it down a stop, take those three, dial it up two stops, take those three, voila! six exposures covering 6 stops.

    I'll admit that I'm not going to rush out and get one of the first Mark II's because I'm happy with what I have and I'll wait for the initial furor to die down and the price to nudge down a bit. OTOH, it looks like I'll have no reason to hang onto my video gear, so maybe I'll sell it off and but one or two Mark IIs...
  66. Wow Brent, there can't be two of with some common sense can there :)
  67. I know that since getting my 5D, my computer gets freaked out by the 12MP images, at least once I've got a half dozen images with a half dozen layers going. Did I mention that it's a sloooooow process editing those images? I think the 5DII would require me to upgrade to a new computer (which isn't half bad a machine).

    I think I'll stick with my 5D for a while. :)
  68. Dear Brent,
    Thank you for the "answer". Obviously you do not use HDR and therefore do not understand the need of 7 or, at least, 5 AEB shots.
  69. Actually, Juan, I DO use HDR - sometimes - I've just somehow managed to turn that exposure wheel (or, more likely, set the aperture or shutter speed higher and lower) without making the camera do my work for me. In fact, I was doing HDR the hard way with CS, layering the files and erasing this part or that part until I finally got just what I wanted.

    The original point of the question was that no matter how good a camera gets, someone will find something to gripe about. Those of us who have been in this game since the days of shooting with twin lens Hassys are more appreciative of what technology has done for us. As my eyes age I can't imagine shooting a wedding without autofocus - or without being able to control your autofocus points. I can fit more shots on a single 4GB card - even shooting RAW - than I used to shoot at many weddings. I can experiment with tricky lighting and different settings and make adjustments immediately. Sure, cameras aren't perfect, not even the 5D, and I suppose some of the whining people do is useful in that it makes for improvements each generation, but sometimes I read these posts and I think today's photographers are spoiled.

    Okay, to get seven exposures you have to set the wheel twice. With a +/- 1 stop AEB, you dial your exposure down two to get -3, -2, -1; center it to get -1, 0,+1; and dial it up two to get +1, +2, +3. Really, is it that tough?
  70. Ah Brent it would seem that there is only the two of us!

    Juan, nobody NEEDS AEB! Just like we don't need AF, Auto Exposure, etc etc only AEB is of very limited use to some people who don't understand the very easy way to bracket shots by themselves, AF is a real blessing, AE I can take it or leave it, M works fine for me. Heck I think I could even put a bit of plastic over the viewfinder........
  71. There must be more than two, Scott, there just has to be! ;-)

    Sure, I switch to "P" when I'm shooting under changing lighting and I need to make every shot usable, the run and gun situation at many weddings, but indoors when the lighting is reasonably consistent I still shoot manual, and outdoors when I'm in a situation where time isn't pressing - say, for example, when my camera is locked on a tripod and I'm capturing multiple images that will later be combined into an HDR image. Sure, it would be ideal if I had a remote that would allow me to lock up my mirror and change exposures for as many shots as I'd like without ever touching the actual camera body, so I'd get pristinely clean alignment of those shots, but I don't live in an ideal world.

    I'll admit that if all I did was shoot 7-exposure sequences for HDR images five days a week, eight hours or more a day, I might be a bit miffed that Canon chose to ignore my special needs. Of course, if the 5D MKII fulfilled every special need of every photographer, it the 1Ds MKIII, or at least cost as much. As one could buy two 5D MKIIs for the price of a 1Ds MKIII and have change left over to buy a nice lens, I think I'll manage, thanks.
  72. " HOW MANY AEB SHOTS can do EOS 5D"
    Yes, 3 at a time but do it twice, this feature is now possible in the new mark II.
    But my question is that it appears that the AEB doesn't work in slow shutter speed. Does anyone know from how many seconds it stops working? I cannot get the hold on the info.

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