Do you listen to music when processing images?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by victorwei, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. If so, what kind of music do you put on? I need classical or meditation (spa) music from my satellite radio to give me the "mood boost" to get the right look in my final processing.
  2. I almost always have some music on when I am processing images.. it is usually classical or jazz ,or anything in-between...
    ...and when that happens, my image-processing is thoroughably enjoyable, I take time over things and just enjoy the process...BUT the pot on the stove gets forgotten, phone-calls go by unanswered, more important jobs get postponed, I smoke substantially lesss (or more) sometimes...
    At the moment ~ I'm just 'doing' , and the music I have on is Bobby McFerrin's amazing new album called VOCAbuLarieS.
  3. Nope I have the TV on in the background and if it is off I don't miss it... If I am in an altered mood I may have some Meatloaf on but I don't even own a stereo these days... My music is played through my DVD player or my Computer... though I do have an 8 track player and a turn table in the closet. :)
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    I used to have a black and white TV with a red safe light screen over it to watch as I sat there occasionally tilting the fixer tray to slosh the fixer about every 1/2 minute for five minutes or so.
  5. I have music going ANYTIME I am at the computer, it has nothing to do with whether I am working on photos or not. I listen to internet radio stations from all over the world. The iTunes radio station listings are amazing!
  6. I guess I am just more visual than audio... To me Most music these days is noise and just a way to keep my eyes off the area I want them on... :)
  7. Old Sony ministereo in the darkroom, black towel over the lighted dial, always on my favorite station, listen to whatever program they have on: jazz, classic rock, folk.
  8. I used to print in the darkroom with classical music cranked up, and still do when I am processing a large job, Mahler is a good one for landscapes. I printed with W. Eugene Smith in his darkroom in Tucson one time and he liked classical or Jazz cranked way up.
  9. stp


    Yep. "New Age" is often on in the background when I'm at the computer. It's an even more important part of my workspace when I'm cutting mats.
  10. I do almost all my digital PP and darkroom work at night, so no, I never have music on. I always have Coast2Coast AM on though.
  11. Most music these days is noise and just a way to keep my eyes off the area​
    The only music you have access to is from "these days" and you can actually see the sound waves? I'm mot impressed by the first part but am by the second.
  12. I usually play country or bluegrass. Most of the time it's vinyl. I usually won't let a new girlfriend play with my Willie until I know her better but she can help herself to some Haggard or Jones.
  13. I have to say that I take music very seriously and feel that it deserves utmost attention. Similarly, if you deeply care about what you have shot, take it seriously and give it the respect it deserves. If you are finding it difficult to concentrate then perhaps you are not enjoying the process so much. If it is a chore surely it is not worth doing?
  14. Hi folks
    Love this kinda question! Music is a HUGE part of my life, nearly as big as taking photographs for me. I'm starting to become a wee bit confident with photo-editing (using Canon DPP and Elements 6) and, of course, i have music on my prized/cherished Arcam Hi-Fi system to keep me company ... Usually classical, Mahler or Shostakovich or Schumann or Beethoven .... I love original movie scores and have hundreds of them, so i'm often enjoying a John Williams night or a Jerry Goldsmith or a Bernard Herrmann (monochrome mood!) .... I play in a brass band (UK) so i listen to much serious brass band repetoire - thoroughly recommend folks, if you haven't yet experienced the sonorities of a good brass band, it's high-time some of you did! Finally, being a Gael i love to listen to Gaelic song and traditional music, pipes and harp etc, very beautiful and deeply beautiful - often providing a haunting and happy 'soundtrack' to the many photos of the Scottish Western Isles that i have on my hard-drive ....
    As i said, i've only very recently begun to get confident with actually performing some basic edits on my photos ..... But whether i am tentatively and nervously/excitedly editing one of my own images or simply enjoying viewing my 'galleries', or the many many stunning photos on, or on other internet photography sites .... I love to have beautiful and evocative music to keep me and the images company!
    Best wishes to all :))
    Ps ~ Anyone who wishes to start a photography/music joint appreciation society? I'm interested .... :))
  15. Music is vital to my process. With what most of the world calls ADD, but what I like to call USTA (Unlimited Stream Thinking Ability), my brain needs some amount of chaos filling enough of the channels that the ones dedicated to the processing get enough priority to focus on the job. Look! A bird! I usually start with vinyl. When having to change the record gets too distracting, I switch to internet radio. I switch genre depending on what I'm doing, the time of day, and the emotion of what I'm working on. I'll play classical, baroque, blues, country, romantic, dixieland, blue grass, celtic, rock (old, new, southern, hard, soft, metal), disco, cajun, gospel, even chanting monks occasionally. If it has discernable rythym and melody, I'll play it. Usually it will be blues or 60's and 70's rock. There's nothing like the latin profanity of Carmina Burana and a cup of coffee to start the day, followed by pick me up doses of Free and "All Right Now" or anything by Lynyrd Skynrd.
  16. I love music, I just load some playlists on the ipod, then shuffle them, mostly stuff from the 60s, 70s.
  17. I do, I listen to anything, from classical to 80s electro, I don't think it has an impact on my post processing style.
    Much of my work is music portrait photography and there is nothing better than listening to live music while you shoot!
  18. I have listened to Pink Floyd for years while shooting and PP...It brings out my creativity or whatever you want to call it.....
  19. Classical.
  20. Absolutely! Pandora is great, in my opinion, because it introduces me to new groups and artists that I would never have come across otherwise. When I am processing, I am not too focused on the music I am listening to - it becomes ambient noise, for the most part. Then, once in a while, I will hear a song that I immediately fall in love with, and I can take note of it.
  21. No. I'm too busy trying to remember what to do :).
  22. It's odd, I always have some fairly gentle acoustic folk/rock on in the darkroom(David Gray, Gillian Welch), but almost never anything playing while I'm at the computer, maybe I should try it!
    I printed with W. Eugene Smith in his darkroom in Tucson one time and he liked classical or Jazz cranked way up.​
    Michael: What a neat experience! Have you heard about his jazz loft and the massive amount of tape he recorded ?
  23. No, just the sounds that rattle around in my head...
  24. I'm a Jazz piano player, so Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Kieth Jarrett, Chick Correa and Gonzalo Rubalcaba dominate, with an occasional taste of my own recordings, just to keep me humble.
  25. I have a Sony 6 CD boombox in the darkroom so I usually get tired, or if printing exhaust the developer long before I run out of music. I still like the 80's music of 10,000 Maniacs (Natalie Merchant lead vocals). I also listen to Great Big Sea (from Newfoundland), Captain Tractor (their 90's stuff), Rod Stewart, R.E.M. (old and new), various oldies mainly from the 60's.
  26. Mike that reminds me of when in days of old I had this huge Reel to Reel set up with a mix tape and it ran for like 8 hours. I had the speakers mounted in my dark room. This was in the 70s
  27. Larry- back in the 60's my dad had his darkroom wired for sound. A speaker cable through the attic into the darkroom fed an old radio speaker (bare, no cabinet) sound from the Zenith console record player in the house. He would stack 5 or 6 records and let them play.
  28. For classical fans, try this -
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    For Kodachrome, I like anything.

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