Do you like the sound of your 60D shutter?

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  1. After several months of deliberating, I recently upgraded from a Canon 30D to a 60D.
    While I understand the 60D is made with more plastic, I have noticed that the mirror/shutter sound on the 60D is not the same on the 30D. The best description I can give for the 60D sound is ‘flimsy and hollow’ while the 30D has a more ‘traditional’ sound.
    Is my description a normal sound for the 60D?
    What do other 60D owners think about their mirror/shutter sound?
  2. Coming from a 450D, I actually quite like the sound of the 60D's shutter. It's a bit softer and has less of a ka-chunk! to it. It seems to attract less attention, but that may just be my idea.
    Not enough experience with 'classic' sounding cameras to compare, I'm afraid :)
  3. I'd personally be delighted with it since I am currently still shooting APS-C format on a 20D. :)
    I think the "plastic" moniker is something of a canard. I do understand that the 60D is positioned, in quality of build and the like, slightly lower than the older xxD cameras were before the introduction of a new class of APS-C with the 7D.
    There are lots of kinds of plastic and merely being "more plastic" does not necessarily mean a downgrading in functionality. By the standards of my Nikon F and F2, everything built since is "more plasticy", but sometimes that's actually better - lighter, more resistant to damage and wear, etc.
    I notice that all my Canon EOS cameras lack the "brassing" so characteristic of their forebears. In fact my 'plastic' T-90 and 'plastic' EOS 650 cosmetically (and frankly functionally) are ahead of the older, metal bodies.
  4. I read somewhere that the first curtain of Canon's shutter is/can be electronic. That is, the mechanical shutter opens with the sensor off, then the sensor turns on row-by-row (electronic first curtain), then the second curtain is mechanical and closes the shutter. A quick search on Google turns up this: That page claims the feature works as an optional silent mode on the 40D, 50D, 5DII, and 7D, and as the only mode on some of the Rebels.
    Perhaps it's the only mode on the 60D, too. If so, I'd expect it would sound different than a traditional shutter with both curtains mechanical.
  5. I don't mind the sound of the 60D shutter. Don't sound plasticy to my ears--more of a muffled metallic ca-click. It's also very quiet and and draws less attention than my 7D.
  6. I just compared it to my EOS 3 and it (the 60D) is dramatically quieter. But it doesn't sound flimsy or hollow to me. I would agree with Puppy Face—it's a muffled metallic sound.
  7. With Puppy and Lonnie, quieter than the 7D and wouldn't call it flimsy sounding at all, more of a muffled Ke-chik.
  8. My 60D certainly sounds a heck of a lot more impressive than my digital P&S. Haha!
  9. As a former 20D owner and a T1i owner, I have to say that Canon often names loud and annoying shutters. The 20D is very loud and the T1i makes a loud "Tweet!" after every shot. I put up with it because the pictures look very nice. If you really want quiet get a mirrorless camera.
  10. I have honestly never paid much attention to the sound of the camera shutter sound. Being profoundly deaf with two hearing aids through most of my life and I can hear it make its noise when I fire it off. I haven't found the 60D to be overly loud when it shoots. Sounds much like the electronic sound of my Canon Powershot SX30 IS. My EOS 1v Film is a bit louder than the 60D. My AE-1 Program is quiet unless I have the power winder on it. I would have to say the loudest shutter sound I have is on the Mamiya 645 Pro TL.
  11. I have the 5D2 and it's shutter sound is not exactly great. It's lacking a little soul and certainly sounds less purposeful than my EOS 3. But who cares? It's the results that count, and the results from my 5D2 are just amazing.
  12. I do have to say that if you ever use a Contax RX you will forever wonder why Canon puts such loud slappy high-vibration shutters and mirrors in many of their cameras. I have never used an Elan 7, but I understand that they are very quiet. The 7D is pretty good as well.
  13. Could we move this discussion to "Stereo Review"? Honestly folks, as long as it does not frighten away the wildlife and lasts a few hundred thousand cycles why should you attach your ego to the sound of your shutter? Hang it on the quality of the image you produce with the shutter.
  14. Peculiarly, when I do an eBay search in the old magazines category for Popular Photography, the results often also bring up copies of Stereo Review.
    There may be some mystical connection here.

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