Do you have an Icarex 35S? I need info to 3D print a battery cover!

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  1. Hello,

    I just dug up an Icarex 35S BM from my German granpa's attic and everything seems to work fine but the battery cover is broken. I want to 3D print a new battery cover but I can't find information on what this cover looks like.

    All I have are small broken pieces of the cover. I can draw and print it at my school but I need a reference to know what to draw!

    If you have one I would be very appreciated if you could post photos so I have something to refer to. I need as much detail as possible, a couple close up photos should be enough.

    Thanks in advance, it is what I chose to keep as a souvenir from him so I hope I can fix it up.

    *In the photo is the space for the battery and the two broken pieces of the battery cover that I have

  2. I have one in great shape.<p>
    It's in a showcase right now, so I'll need to pull it out and shoot some images for you.<p>

    If I can figure out this cra*py new Pnet 2.1, will post them shortly...
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  3. <p>Your camera unit may be an earlier unit; but battery cap should still be the same.

    <p>Sorry for the lint on the battery cap.

    <p>I'm particularly proud of the still intact "West German" rubber eyecup...
    P1010628.JPG P1010634.JPG P1010635.JPG P1010636.JPG P1010637.JPG
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  4. Thank you so much! I'll keep you posted when end up printing a battery cover. Much appreciated
  5. It worked, thanks to your great pictures! Thank you so much, I appreciate that you took the time to take quality pictures, It was just what I needed.

    received_10208596437615368.jpeg received_10208596442815498.jpeg
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  6. And Now--- does the meter work??... OR did you test the meter before having the complete batter cap?
  7. Yes! I already knew the meter worked, you can hold the battery with your finger or tape. But it doesn't look as good. Next step is printing a black cover
  8. Battery cover for my unique GBA was broken for some time, so I chose to show up a swap for it! Works incredible printed off of my Printrbot Simple 1405, however YMMV.
  9. The problem with the battery cap for the 35S is that it really does rely on some internal pressure from a battery to lock into place. With no battery inserted the fit is loose enough for the cap to simply drop out so it is easily lost. I don't use the built in meter of my 35S so I've had to resort to a small piece of tape over the cap to prevent it going AWOL. If you have a 35S with the original cap intact I would probably recommend a bit of tape anyway if you wish to retain it, because it's hardly the most secure of designs.
  10. I enjoyed reading this thread, just shows the power of the internet, and the good of it in the light of so much apparent bad. All power to your 35S!

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