Do you always have your canon with you?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by andrew_pastore, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Hi. Just wondering if any of you keep your camera with you all the time. If so
    what lenses do you keep on it, and how do you keep it protected? I work in
    EMS, and I want to try and keep a camera with me in the ambulance, but I do
    not want to bring my whole kit with me. I have a 30D with a 50 1.4, and 24-70,
    and a 75-300. I was thinking just keeping the 50 on it in a small bag like the
    Lowepro topload mini. Or should I put the zoom on it. Just looking for
    opinions. Thanks.

  2. I usually carry my 5D and either a 50mm lens or the 17-40mm zoom. I don't think the choice of lenses is very important if you don't have the camera with you. :) The 50 makes a small package and is light...I can even wear it in a fanny pack...
  3. Not all the time, but it is very often with me. Usually my 10D with a zoom, normally a Tamron 28-75 but sometimes a Canon 20-35, in a CCS 'Warthog' type padded case. I think that if you only want to keep one lens with you, the 24-70 is the obvious choice, unless weight is an issue.

    My dream walk around standard lens would be a Canon 30mm f2 USM IS, but it doesnt exist!
  4. I have a knap sack with has a good kit. . .a 10D, with two L zooms and a flash.

    But. . I also have a P&S that is actually with me more often.
  5. I have the 5D and 20D bodies with the 17-40L, 24-70L, 70-200LIS, and 50 1.4 lenses. This only comes out when I have a specific job to do. I keep a Canon G6 in the car with me. It's a real nice pocket camera (7mp, 4-1 zoom and f2.0/3.0 lens). It gives real good results though obviously not a SLR with L glass. It gives me the opportunity to shoot strangers when would feel uncomfortable having a large lens aimed at them. When I have the G6 they feel I'm just one of them - a shutterbugging tourist.
  6. Normally I've got my 10D, occasionally I carry my Nikon P&S instead.
  7. Andrew,

    I tried carrying my camera with me on a daily basis, but it proved to be burdensome.

    Burdensome from the point of having to worry about where it was, theft, heat buildup, rough riding in the car, and not having the camera readily available at a moments notice, because it had to removed from it's carrying case/bag.

    I solved those worrisome problems with a point and shoot.

    It has decent resolution, and if I need them, it has good telephoto and near focus capabilities.

    For my needs, having a readily available/accessible camera, is more important than the slower-to-handle dslr, plus, my worries about theft and care in the car are gone.

    Pictures that I would otherwise miss with a packed away dslr, I'm able to capture by just taking the diminutive point-and-shoot out of my shirt pocket.
  8. Wouldn't leave home without it. The baby bag that i carry it in conceals "what's inside" and it also helps to reduce any heat as it is insulated.
  9. I usually always have my 20D with me with a 10-22, 28-85 and 70-300.
    The only times I do not have the camera with me is if I am doing some sort of sport activity were the camera might get damaged or does take up more space than needed (ie skiing).
  10. No.

    When I go to work I have no camera with me. When I go to see friends/family I have no camera with me. When I go to the evening school I have no camera with me.

    I've been doing so for several years. No problems. Have not seen anything yet which will cause me to change my mind and think "I wish I had my camera with me".

    Happy shooting,
  11. <<I solved those worrisome problems with a point and shoot.>>

    I agree. If you find carrying a DSLR a problem in certain situations, look to a point and shoot.
  12. Monday thru Friday, nope. Sat and Sun, yes and I bring what I think I'll need. I have been thinking of getting my own point and shoot for Mon. thru Fri. but realistically I don't have time to take pictures during the week. There have been a few times when I've missed a beautiful morning or sunset. But then I just enjoy the scenery and remind myself there is no need to record everything.
  13. I ride my bicycle daily from home to work and back across Paris - a total of 25 km. That gives me plenty of opportunity to witness street scenes and I often regret not having my camera with me. My usual 400D+BG-E3+24-70/2.8L is way to bulky and heavy for occasions when I am not specifically making pictures. I hesitate between buying a 50mm lens to mount with no BG-E3, or buying an Ixus as a complement.
  14. No. Unless I believe I'll need it I usually carry something smaller like a 6x6 folder, Widelux, or Oly Stylus Epic. I'd love to own a point-n-shoot with a similar sensor as my 20D.
  15. I did "in the early days," when it was my newest toy and I was playing with it, er, I mean, checking out all its functions as much as shooting with it. Now, the initial euphoria has subsided, and I only take it when I plan to use it. I'm more of an "event photographer" than anything else, so I usually know in advance when I'm going to want to have it with me.
  16. no, but i always have my ricoh grd in my pocket.
  17. I usually don't take mine to the bathroom with me.
  18. I am a Paremedic in Scotland and Carry my kit in the car most of the time.

    Sometimes get some good stuff and have used some in training.

    20d with zoom (telephoto) does it for me

  19. I have my P&S and Novoflex mini tripod with me 100% of the time. My 5D is just too big even in my toploader and 50 mm lens.

  20. Wondering if it's acceptable to carry a camera in your line of work. I used to work in critical care settings in hospitals, and in various clinical settings, and there is no way a camera at work would be acceptable, unless you're taking pics of a staff function or similar. If I'm a patient in the hospital, I don't want people taking pics of me, similarly if I'm in an accident and requiring EMTs. The MD who runs your program may question your dedication if you are carrying cameras with you - are you here to work or to take photos? Just my experience.
  21. Everywhere, all the time. Currently using 5D w/50mm f/1.4. Formerly used A-1 w/50mm f/1.2L. The fast 50mm is your best bet in my opinion (although an argument for the 35mm f/1.4 or f/2 can also be made). If it's good enough for Cartier-Bresson, I'm betting it's good enough for me. Small sling (messenger) bags work best for me. After this long, it's like forgetting to put on my watch. I literally have to go back home if I ever forget to bring a camera. Paul
  22. I have reduced my 20D kit to camera and 3 lenses in a case that carries other items as well and so is not to obvious as a camera case. It does however still make a weighty load so in answer to your question; No I don't carry my DSLR all the time. I do however have a P&S which I carry most of the time.
  23. Yes, at work I always have my camera with me. I am in a similar profession and my camera and the small kit I own are with me. Something things that I considered. I never take pictures of what is happening at a scene, I'm there to work. I never take pictures of people when I'm driving around, that's how you get complained on. I use it to take pictures of night scenes (landscapes or buildings) when it's slow or when we are training. I keep my gear in a Storm case (similar to a Pelican Case) to keep it protected from the hard bumps and bruises. My 580 EX is in another smaller Pelican case. In my situation, I am the only person who access to the vehicle, so it's locked if im not in it, plus there are other things more valuable to steal. The car runs my whole shift so the climate inside the vehicle is constant. The cases can be a pain, but it is worth the protection. I have only missed one picture in 3 years when I needed the camera right away. I agree with another post that you should not be taking pictures of a scene and what people are going through. We see some interseting stuff and we get a great perspective, however if you start taking these pictures you are no longer an EMT, but a journalist. I've seen some great pictures but I just leave my camera where it's at (cases come in handy here, to hard to get them out and be tempted). I carry my whole kit at work (Canon 30D, kit lens, 50 mm 1.8, and a 70-200 f4, 580 ex, and bracket) and I have some good night pictures of the city or moon. The camera doesn't get a whole lot of use, but I have it, it's safe and protected, so when I see something I want to remember I have it. I know this is long winded, hope it helps.
  24. Sorry I had to put my camera down to type this...

    It is only when I am not carrying my camera that the perfect shot appears.

    So it is with me all the time....
  25. I am afflicted with being a genetic collector, so which camera is the question. I found a little 5MP Pentax Optio SV that allows me to go fully manual, so I usually have that with me. My cell phone, of course, but that would be true desparation given the lack of quality.
  26. I can't have my camera with me at work (company prohibition) and I don't like the digital P&S's because they tend to have small sensors and minimal creative control.

    How crazy would it be to have a revised digital version of the Canon 7 (smaller though) made like the 5D or 30D (as far as build quality) with a good control layout, an APS sized sensor, maybe interchangeable lenses, and a price tag of maybe $1000-1200 (shirt pocket sized ideally). Maybe even real time digital image display. Would that be buildable? If so, would it be interesting to anybody as a backup?
  27. Ditto W T's remarks. Need to check with your supervisor regarding work and legal issues BEFORE they arise from your voluntary actions.
  28. What Yakim and W T said. I'd guess that patient confidentiality violations might get you and your company sued -- maybe even suspected ones could have serious employment repercussions. Just the potential distraction alone, would be a compelling factor for me -- thinking photo instead of work. I suggest talking to your manager (if ok, get it in writing!) and your personal lawyer about it first. YMMV.

    I live in the Southern Arizona desert, so leaving the camera(s) in the car is not an option for at least half of the year. Anyway, no, I don't carry my camera everywhere. I do carry a P&S digital when I think opportunities might arise but I don't want to carry the dSLR kit.
  29. I have a 5D and assortment of lenses for planned shoots, I carry a compact with me every day, either a Canon G7 or Ricoh GRD depending on my mood. I have learnt from my mistakes by not carrying a camera and now, I am always prepared for the right moment should it arrive - a compact is better than nothing, and both will fit in a jacket pocket.
  30. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, almost always, 20D 50mmF1.4, (waiting for 35F1.4L): if not Canon P&S and mobile phone in pocket, (always).

  31. I got an R-D1 so I wouldn't have to lug my Canon everywhere.
  32. I don't take pictures of patients or such. Just if I am out and see a nice thunderstorm, sunset or whatever or if we are standing by for a fire. I would never photograph a patient, not to mention if I am, my patient is not getting the care they deserve!

  33. 99% of the time, yes.

    20D + 35mm 1.4L + 85mm 1.8 + 100mm 2.8 Macro + Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Home
  34. I always have a camera with me, but it might not be a DSLR in all cases.
  35. Yes: G7 in dedicated Canon leather case (retro-look like my dad's camera!). Feels substantial enough to be 'real', but unobstrusive, as the G6 user said. Fits into a (large) pocket or my work bag.
  36. always in the car or on my person. in car it lives inside a cut out foam box in the passenger's seat. when it's left in car it's got a reflective silver cover top that fits over the foam box.

    while driving, if i need to, i can pick it up at a moments notice and click away.
  37. Sometimes I have my Panasonic LX2 with me for taking 16:9 pics, and I feel like I'm cheating on Canon each time I take a picture with it. Does anyone know a good counselor?

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