Do it yourself (DIY) pentax repair

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by stefantveye, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Just curious to know if anyone else here has attempted to learn Pentax camera repair on their own?

    While I was living in MN the one really good camera service store that I could find closed down. I found out
    from Pentax here in Sweden that they can't fix the flash sync on my K1000 (part is no longer available). I'm
    getting the feeling that analog camera repair is quickly going to become a thing of the past. I've been
    teaching myself/trying to learn how to fix my own gear. I'm not ready to give up on my K1000 yet, it still
    gets plenty of use and does a great job, without a flash of course. I didn't find any DIY repair threads using
    the search, so I thought I'd ask if anyone cares to discuss? Share some experiences? Tips? thoughts?
  2. The K1000 is essentially a K mount Spotmatic F in the original version. It had several design changes over the years (Mostly adding plastic components internally).
  3. James, a thousand thanks for the manual link. I actually bought a copy of the K1000 manual
    on CDR earlier this year, as I didn't know these were available like this. I've been reading
    through it before I really dig in. The other manuals will be helpful as well!

    I've been looking for a dirt cheap Spotmatic in any condition, so I can tear into it and not
    worry about ruining it. I've read that the Spotmatic and K1000 aren't that different.
  4. Send it to Eric Hendrickson (, he charges way less than repair shops in Sweden. Even if you have to pay customs upon receiving your camera (in which case you can object, saying that it was your camera to start with) it is much cheaper than places like, which is in Stockholm.

    I cant really say what is wrong with the camera, but it seems like a corroded wire, which should be very easy to replace. Have you checked if flash synch works when you use a cable instead of the hotshoe? There's little that can go wrong with a K1000, its a pretty straight-forward camera.
  5. I found out about eric Hendrickson just recently, wish I had known about him while I was
    living in the states! I most certainly would have sent my camera to him, becasue he
    specializes in Pentax. I went to some photo stores in Stockholm, and if my swedish is a
    good as I hope it is, I think they basically told me they can't/won't service my camera.
    That's why I tried Pentax Sweden.

    My flash started failing right in the middle of a concert I was shooting. I always carry a
    small flash cord and that was the very first thing I tried, hoping it was just the hotshoe.
    Sadly, it didn't make a difference. One of the things I love about the K1000 is, like you said
    it's pretty straight forward. I'm hoping that learning repair on with this camera will be
    pretty straight forward as well. I'll look for a corroded wire.
  6. December 2007

    Another kudos for Mr Hendrickson at
    My Pentax MV feels and works just like brand-new.
    Light seals, mirror bumper, rewind knob, shaft and advance cap all replaced plus CLA and even with the shipping back to Canada all-in $80 US.
    Thank you, thank you, Eric, from Mike

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