Do I really have to be 'on-line' to post?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by lee_davis, Jul 24, 1997.

  1. Many people have to pay real money for internet access, phone
    call costs etc. Is submitting a message to this forum more
    expensive than using email? Not really.


    It is true that the only way to submit a message to this forum is
    by using the web form. However, that does not mean you have to type
    it in 'on-line', no more than it does if you use email.


    Just enter your message in a Windows (or Mac or Unix!) editor such
    as Notepad. Then, when you are ready, select the whole document and
    copy it to the clipboard. THEN login to your web provider, get
    the question entry page up (you should have it bookmarked for speed)
    place the mouse in the empty message area box and then just PASTE
    your message in and press the Submit key.

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