Do I have to use Minox enlarger II for pictures from Minox IIIs ?

Discussion in 'Minox' started by peter__|7, Mar 4, 1999.

  1. I was told that Minox enlarger with curved carrier can only be used for
    pictures taken with Minox IIIs and B, is no good for Minox LX which has a flat film plane. Is this true ?
  2. Peter, there are two camps, one camp insists that one must use curved film plane enlarger (model II ) to enlarge negatives from Minox A/B, and use Minox enlarger III with flat film plane to enlarge negatives taken with Minox C/LX/TLX/EC etc.
    the other camp insists that either any Minox enlarge can enlarge pictures taken with any Minox, and there is no need to to do curvature match. I belong to the later, my reasoning is film plane curvature has to do with the lens, if an enlarger lens requires a curved film plane,
    then even your negative is taken with a LX, you still have to curved up the negative in that enlarger. But that is my believe, as I don't have a Minox enlarger III to do first hand comparison.
  3. If you have a sharp negative, no matter which minox it
    was made with, you have the chance to make a sharp print.
    If your negative is not sharp, you will not.
    So, put this sharp negative into your minox enlarger,
    no matter which type is it, and print it.
    The only thing which will not work is using a curved
    negative holder (model II) with a lens made for the
    plane holder (model III). But as long as the whole
    enlarger is original and VERY clean, it will make
    nice prints.

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