Do I have to pay for Rollei instructions?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by stephen_abbott|3, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I just picked up a "new" Rollei 2.8 GX (circa 1988) on the bay. I
    can't seem to find any downloadable instruction books for this
    camera. Should I just buy a copy for $23.00 from that Virginia
    company? For my Leica M3, I could just download them for free. I
    basically just want to see how to load the film properly. Thanks.

  2. This site might be of some help:

    Scroll down about a third of the way for the section on loading and film transport.
  3. Do you really need instructions for it? <br>
    It's quite straightforward.<br>
  4. You can download the instructions for the more or less identical 2,8 FX at the Rollei-site here:
    Go to Service - downloads and scroll down.
  5. You guys rock! I love this forum! I was hesitant about just diving into this camera after loading the film incorrectly into my Hasselblad. Thanks again. -Steve
  6. Stephen, <br><br>
    Congratulations! I have one too. The light-meter is very accurate, but the metering area is
    rather small. Slightly wider than the central circle in the viewfinder. When metering, make
    sure this circle points to something average in the scene or your exposure may be way off. It
    is all in the manual, but quite different from the wide metering angle of the old Selenium
    meters. Have fun. <br><br>Ferdi.

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