Do actual Canon EOS employees monitor our posts?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by j._d._mcgee, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. Such as when people give feedback about 10D problems and complaints
    I wonder if anyone in quality control or ergonomic engineering or
    the like at Canon may look over sites like these to see what users
    are saying. Or do they only concern themselves with the e-mails
    they may recieve and calls, etc?

    Two basic reasons come to mind. One, they'd have to pay (multiple people) to do nothing but surf 40 hours/week for (two) very questionable feedback. Most companies that do collect feedback like you're thinking about on their products do so under much more controlled circumstances using accepted scientific principles. Things like surveys, focus groups, and studies would yield a much better return on their investment (the cost of the research) versus various individuals just pulling up wild info at some vague place on the web. I'm sure the info they do get is more than enough to be statiscally significant.

    This is not to say somebody from Canon may not have looked here from time to time. But I can't imagine a mature company like Canon doing so in an official capacity as a means of doing business.
  3. Canon and Nikon are a duopoly. They don't need to know what you think; they'll tell you what you think.
  4. Guys, your comments and speculation above aren't quite right.

    If you've ever surfed the EOS forum at Rob Galbraith's site, you'd have seen that Canon USA's technical director often responds to forum questions.

    That doesn't happen here on, which is a pity. Perhaps the conversation here is not to their liking!
  5. Mamiya USA has their own people watching and replying in the 645 forum. So some companies do it.

    Poul B-H
  6. my guess is if they do, they do it on their own time, out of personal interest.
  7. I see any such thing as good.It helps them get a better handle on users experiences
  8. I'm quite sure they are. If they actually "listen/take note" is another question.

    It is a fair assumption that they got a ring of selected pros as a feedback/user loop, thus I highly doubt that any of us will come up with a revolutionary new features and/or complain that hasn't already been raised.
  9. They don't.

    If they were, they'd make me a 24-85/4 USM L IS with IF years ago.
  10. I work for an optics company (not as big as Canon or Nikon, but certainly not small either), and our product development people DO look at the major boards and newsgroups on the net for opinions about our products, feedback, and even new ideas. It's free feedback, you can't beat that.


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