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  1. I have been interested in using my lenses from my Kodak Retina Reflex on my Nikon for a long time. I have had trouble finding recent comments or photos and was having second thoughts about getting an adapter after reading comments. I finally decided to buy the Fotodiox adapter. I went out recently and took a few photos with the adapter using the 35mm f2.8 Retina-Curtagon and the 50mm f2.8 Retina-Xenar. I had read about mounting issues with the adapters, and found that the lenses were difficult to get mounted. It took a little more force than I was expecting, but the lenses mount. I was using my Nikon Df and found it difficult to manual focus using the viewfinder. Using live view was a little easier. I am happy with the results so far. It is a slow process, but the photos turned out better than I hoped. I knew the lenses were good performers, having used them on my Retina reflex S, but was wondering how they would perform with the adapter on a modern digital slr. I just wanted to do this post in case there are others who may be interested in using an adapter.

    _DSC0030 - Copy.JPG

    _DSC0042_edited-1 - Copy.jpg
  2. The photo of the train was taken with the 35mm f2.8. The one of the white wall was shot on the 50mm f2.8 wide open.
  3. Nice work with use of an adapter to recycle older lenses.

    The lenses appear to behave normally with the adapter: The first image retains vibrant colors and adequate depth of field @f/11. The second image, shot from a non-parallel angle @f/2.8, does not have much depth of field - as can be expected in this condition.

  4. Excellent images - but be careful with using some lenses at infinity as the rear of the Kodak lenses sticks out into the camera and one time I had my D800 mirror hang with the 85mm lens set at infinity. REALLY gave me a panicky moment looking down the finder and seeing just a distorted view.
  5. I had concerns about using the lenses focused to infinity, but none caused problems. I have a 28mm f4 lens that seems to stick out the furthest, so that is the only one I have not used at infinity. I had several people comment on the camera and lenses when I was out. Many people have commented on my "old camera" when I am out with the Df. They all seem surprised when I let them know it is a digital slr. In addition to using the lenses to take photos, I think they look cool on the camera.
  6. Not as surprised as I was when Nikon launched it! I hadn't really considered the Df's merits of looking too old to be worth stealing. (I have a deliberately beaten up F5 and have been known to use silver plastic lenses on a DSLR partly as theft mitigation, but now I think about it...)

    I've never really bought into camera appearance, but Nikon and Pentax have tried hard enough to make coloured cameras that I guess it's a thing. (This is, for the record, a way to about high street retailers who somehow need extra space for all the colour options. Ford has it right. About "any colour so long as it's black", not about pan-galactic gargle blasters.) I have a Petzval for my D810 that happens to be shiny brass (and have rack and pinion focus), and I'd have preferred the optical effect in normal packaging, but then I shoot photos so that I can stay behind the lens.

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