Distressed Sony's.....seen any?

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  1. I remember from my film days that over the course of a few years cameras would often have brass shining through in places wear took place. I kind of liked the look myself, but never got to the point with any of my cameras because I took good care care of them. Interior decorators seem very fond of old, or distressed wood as well, it's a thing. That got me to wondering what an older, and not so nicely treated A7RMK whatever might look like, and whether or not it will have the same charm. As I mentioned before, I'm unlikely to find out myself, but perhaps some of the more abusive among us might have some pictures of same. ;)
  2. There won't be any "brassing" since there's no brass underneath. At best (worst?) you get to see some silver-colored metal: Sony A7 Black Brassing?
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  3. Leica sells black painted brass body digital camera. Their "Correspondent" model even comes pre-brassed. The best you can expect from a modern metal black bodied camera is a few bright chips.
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  4. Brassing, no. Magnesiuming, not yet.

    Straps I use touch the camera with nothing harder than woven nylon. Even the split ring can't touch. All of my cameras since 2003 , including Sony, have an L-bracket attached to the bottom, which also serves as a protective roll cage. My principal camera has a cross-shoulder strap (Magpul/RRS) attached to the bracket. The bakelite on my 1964 Leica M2 is crumbling due to age and chemistry, but there's nothing more than a slight polish of the chrome finish on any of its surfaces.

    Wear is something I try to avoid, but am not obsessive about either. I have't owned nor used a camera case for over 60 years. There is nothing sentimental about wear. Unless due to carelessness or abuse, it's just a fact of life.

    I've seen similar obsession about wear in firearms. "Oh no! It shows holster wear," or "There's a turn line on the cylinder." Rubbish. I've never owned nor planned to own a camera or firearm for a display case. Holster wear means it's been put to work. It also means it's never been used in anger (they usually get impounded indefinitely).
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  5. I read somewhere that Sigma is coming out with some lenses for Sony E mount mirrorless. I wonder how well they'll work compared with the Sony glass.
  6. Now would be a good time to buy a Sony A7R2, but it won't last long. There are usually a lot of trade-ins following the introduction of a newer model, the A7R3 in this case. Last fall, Sony offered a generous trade-in for the model A9, which I took up by trading a Sony A72. Last night, Sony advertised a deal to buy a new A7R2 at a $500 discount plus a $200 bonus, all if you trade in a qualified camera. You get to keep the trade-in value too. You can buy a new A7R2 for about $2180, less the value of your trade-in. That's barely more than the cost of used A7R2s at B&H or KEH.

    The A7R3 has a lot of nice features, and is probably the best way to go if you have $3400 to spend. Most of these features are ancillary, and it doesn't have any better resolution or image quality than the older model. That's why I plan to keep mine (along with 5 spare batteries).
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  7. I think that you, perhaps, posted to the wrong thread. Maybe you want to start a new thread. It's an interesting question.
  8. Besides from the fact that newer cameras are made of magnesium alloy, the outer coating is very thick and not merely paint so it takes a lot to reveal the metal.

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