Distagon 50 F4 C T* instructions

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  1. Hi everybody

    I just received my wide angle lens in the mail to try some landscape photography
    and I just can't remember what some of the buttons on the lens are for. I can't
    seem to find any instruction manual for a lens this old (K08 on the lens appears
    to be from November 1980). It took me 6 months of reading this forum to decide
    on the 50mm for landscape work - quite a few opinions out there on a "best"
    lens. I would like to ensure I know how to use everything I might need when out
    in the field.

    Can anyone direct me to the answers to the following?

    - The little spring loaded button under the shutter/aperature lock button - what
    does that do? I have tried that and does not seem to link or unlink the
    shutter/aperature. Doesn't seem to do anything that I can tell off hand.

    - The sliding switch that indicates either V, X or M - what are the different
    settings for? I know I should know this, but just can't remember. It is
    currently set on X.

    - The smaller switch to the immediate left of the above switch - what is that for?

    - There are also long times in green on the shutter dial (Bulb, 4, 8, 15, 30,
    60) - I can't get passed the bulb setting. Are these settings usable on a 500CM?

    - Is there a depth of field preview button (perhaps one of the above)?

    I appreciate any guidance

  2. In order of question(s):

    - I believe you're talking about the depth of field preview. If you press it and change the lens to a smaller aperture, you should see the blades make a smaller diaphram.

    - V is the self timer, X is for electronic flash, and M is for a flash bulb type unit.

    - Not sure. I'll look it up and try to get back. I don't have a lens in front of me.

    - I believe the green lines indicate that you need to hold the shutter release down to ensure the baffle stays open for longer exposures. For example, using 1 second, if you fire the shutter and release the shutter release button, you would hear the baffle closing before the exposure is done. The markings past the Bulb are for reference only, and cannot be set.

    - Yes, mentioned above.
  3. Oh, the lever you're talking about is the catch that allows the V X M lever to move over to the V position. This is to prevent accidentally setting the self timer. Also, check out www.hasselbladhistorical.eu (by one of our esteemed colleagues here), and this link to a reproduction of the manual or product sheet: http://www.hasselbladhistorical.eu/pdf/lds/C50.pdf
  4. Pick up a copy of "The Hasselblad Manual" by Ernst Wildi, preferably the 5th edition or earlier (for C lens coverage and older bodies).

    The thin, spring-loaded tab between the shutter and aperture rings is pressed toward the camera body to de-couple these setting rings.

    The V,X,M switch is as follows - V = self-timer, X = electronic flash sync (0 delay), M = flash bulb sync (20 msec shutter delay)

    The DOF preview is a small, L-shaped silver tab on the side of the lens. To reopen the diaphram, turn the aperture setting ring to f/2.8 then back.

    The green numbers are Exposure Values, used with certain light meters and metering prisms. The red shutter values warn you to keep the shutter release pressed (and the auxillary shutter open) until the shutter is closed.
  5. Good Heavens Michael! .. I hope it doesn't take another 6 months before you take a picture.

    It's an excellent lens however, and another book to look out for is "The Hasselblad Way" by Ernst Freytag. (Long since out of print, it's an eBay job or second-hand bookshop.)

    Small correction to Edward's description "To reopen the diaphram, turn the aperture setting ring to f/2.8 then back." should read "to f/4 then back" The 80mm is a f/2.8 , but otherwise what Edward neatly describes applies to all the C lenses.

    Cheers, Kevin.
  6. You can find a manual describing how to use C lenses here.
    Look inside the 500 C or 500 C/M manuals.
  7. The green numbers are an extension of the shutter speed scale for those using the EV
    system. If a green number aligns with the aperture you want to use, then you set the speed to
    B and expose for the shutter duration (in seconds) at that aperture. If you don't use the EV
    scales, ignore the numbers past B.

  8. This Manual, the 3rd edition, covers everything, C, CF and F. Better than a website, a good book can be taken anywhere to be read at leisure. It is more comfortable on the eyes than a computer screen, and is neither electricity nor internet-connection dependent.
  9. Thanks everybody!

    Where else can you post a question and get so many great responses so quickly! Your posts were all helpful. Now I need to get out and shoot with it.

  10. Fourteen years after the last post and I have just picked up a well used Distagon 50 F4 C T*.

    Many thanks to the members above for answering all of my questions!

  11. For anyone that is interested, just putting through a test roll of Delta 400 (500C/M) - a mix of wide/closed down close/far focus and a couple using wireless flash.

    The lens was bought knowing it is well used (to say the least) so it will be interesting to see the results. I am aware of its reputation both good and bad!

  12. For myself, my first rule for the older lenses is set it on X and never touch it again. As for the 50, I have found that it requires such a special foreground (since you end up with so much of it) that it seldom gets used. I much prefer my 60 and will leave it mounted instead of the 80. This works very well with the 100 as the next step up.

  13. Yes, the 60 and 100 are my favorite combination.

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