Display mutliple photos for same geolocation on local computer

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  1. I have been reading articles all over the Internet for more than 5 years, and it's frustrating that I can't find what seems like a simple setup to me.
    I am in the process of digitizing old vacation negatives and slides. I have an Epson Perfection 3490 flatbed scanner to convert those to TIF or JPG files, and I can touch up the images either pre-scan with the included Epson software or post-scan with Paint.net
    I have other pictures for which I have negatives, but which were also put on photo CD's at the time of development.
    With these images as my starting point, I tried and discarded Microsoft Pro Photo Tools because it sometimes corrupts the EXIF data. While it allows editing (which results in invalid data in other programs) and map placement, I can't see the images full-size.
    As an alternative, I use Exif Tool GUI for map placement, and then scripts using Exif Tool command line options to set my location data (name, city, state, country) camera make and model (based on the year of the photos).
    I could also use Geotag (from Sourceforge.net) to set my location data and GPS coordinates, but not the camera make and model. If I import pre-coded images, I can place them on a map in my browser, but there is only one marker for all photos at a location, so I only see one thumbnail when I click the map marker. Again, I can't click to see the images full-size.
    I have no need or intention to upload all of my photos to Flickr or Google just to see them on a map. So my question is:
    Is it really too much to ask to find an application that will:
    1. run on my local PC
    2. load photos from a folder on my home server
    3. place the photos on a map with markers
    4. view multiple thumbnails after clicking on a single location's map marker
    5. view a full-size image after clicking on a thumbnail
    If this question is outside the scope of Photo.net, I'd be grateful for a reference to somewhere more appropriate. Thanks in advance.
  2. Adobe Lightroom (4.X)
    Only thing which differs from your list, is that it shows only one thumbnail when clicking marker, but it shows how many photos have been placed there and you can browse those thumbnails one by one. Also you need to be online to get maps.
    Gives bunch of other goodies, for example photo editor and archiving. And you can use it to set whatever exif data you want. Probably replaces all software you have used this far. And price is still quite reasonable.
    Adobe help page example: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/lightroom/using/WS6029a80579ffffcd-6a3f1714134217cf621-8000.html
  3. Thanks Olli, that looks promising. I've been browsing, starting with the link you referenced. There's a lot more to Lightroom that what I was after, and for hobbyist use I have to think whether or not I can justify the expense. At least I know it's available when I'm ready. Thanks again.
  4. grh


    For what it's worth, you might be able to find a copy of LR 3 on eBay for about $70. You can also still download a copy from adobe.com and experiment with it for 30 days to see if it suits you, then find and buy a license. Or, if you find you can't live without it, pony up the $ for LR 4.
    Me, it took 3 hours of working with LR to realize its value. I couldn't buy it fast enough.
  5. Thanks Gary. I checked out version 3, but it doesn't have the map module. While I don't disagree that version 4 is awesome, I can't justify the expense until I have a larger library of photos to manage. Still working on that, though.

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