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  1. If you wanted to carry ONLY ONE lens (M6) to Disney World, what would be your
    choice, and why?
  2. sl


    28mm becuse you can get in close to a subject but still encompass the surroundings. My second choice would be a 24mm.
  3. sl


    28mm becuse you can get in close to a subject but still encompass the surroundings. My second choice would be a 24mm.
  4. Steve votes twice for the 28. I would go wide angle also. I like to document the surroundings while on vacation.
  5. Because it will be nice and sunny, Tri-Elmar?

    But I think the 28mm summiron works best. Last time I was there, I used a 21mm much more than a 35mm because the latter simply wasn't wide enough (and I did not carry a 28mm with me).
  6. I live in Florida and have been forced to take out-of-town family to the park more times than a person should be made to endure this punishment. I have gone every way from using a maximum amount of gear to a very minimalistic outfit of a Minox ML. For the last several trips, and on all future ones, I will use a 35mm lens as my only one.

    The previously mentioned 28mm might not be bad, but I don't have one, so I have no experience with it.
  7. one lens? 28 or 35 or 24.

    Whatta you got?

    I'd go wide as possible, but maybe not 21 (if you're only taking one lens).
    Hey--Disney World is a GREAT place to take pictures. For one thing
    every-other person has a camera so you can just shoot. Wide's nice cause
    you can get in close and capture the subject and the environment.

    My first choice for ONE lens would be a 28.
  8. If you're *sure* you're a whiz capturing skittering kids with fleeting expressions using a Leica (or your spouse will have an AF-something along)then I'd take a Tri-Elmar without a moment's hesitation. Me, I'm totally incapable of shooting kiddies well with a Leica and I'd swallow my Leica pride and bring my EOS with 28-135IS zoom...also less worry over a sudden Diet Coke shower or a flying ice-cream cone ;>)
  9. The 28 -- and in a heartbeat. You will be relatively close to large structures, and the extra breadth of the 28 over the 35 or 50 will be welcome. And assuming you also get over to Epcot, F2 will be welcome inside some of the exhibits. As a second alternative I would consider the 3-E.

  10. 35mm Summicron.
  11. I also recommend the 28 focal length. On my last family trip there, that was all
    I really use.
  12. M6, 35mm Summicron, Small Flash.
  13. 28mm if you don't need to do face portraits. IMO, it does the best at capturing people and surroundings, as well as family shots at dinner, etc. I have a 28/1.9 CV that I'd take. I found that the Tri-Elmar was too hard to work with quickly because of the non-sequential focal lengths, but it's a great choice too. If you need quick zoom work, there's nothing like an SLR.

    If I went I'd probably take the 28 and a 50/2, along with a very small flash. That would fit in a very small belt bag. In fact, I'd probably throw the 21/4 CV lens in too, as it's SO small and light.

  14. ...If you'd had a Tri-Elmar instead, with 50mm available ;>)
  15. OK, that image is only 250x333 pixels. Why the f*** didn't it show up in the post????
  16. Jay, did you put anything in the caption box? Even a dot will do it.
  17. Another vote for the Tri Elmar if you are set on bring the Leica. Though something like the Ricoh G series would be ven nicer!
  18. 35 Cron last time I went.

    Tri-Elmar would be my choice if I had one...
  19. thanks for asking the question Max, I'll be there on Sunday with my family. Looks like I'll be taking my 35 'cron.
  20. I've been to Disneyland twice with the 35 f2.8 Summaron, and I never wish I had any different.
  21. Well I live more than half way across the country and I still have been to D'World four times in two years. I took a Minox TLX on several trips but decided next time I'm going to take my Noctilux and that's it. There are many amazing scenes at night and I want the speed. If I could get a V'Lander 35/1.2, I would take that instead. Actually, I think I will buy one just for my next trip.
  22. my 35mm was attached to an Olympus Stylus Epic. ;)
  23. I recommend the 28mm Elmarit so you can ask the Blue Fairy to turn it into a 28mm 'Cron ASPH!

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