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  1. Just found out Fuji is discontinuing it's natura 1600 film which I have only just realised is a great film. I noticed the prices are high are there any places in the US that might sell it at a reasonable cost?
  2. freestylephoto.biz has them for $9.99 and stock might be limited, I lost my chance when BH had it for lower prices a few weeks ago.
  3. I wish I had known reminds me if when I was in jessops new Oxford st quite a few years ago provia 1600 had just been discontinued they had 20 rolls I think I bought the lot! Thanks for the information
  4. I tried 3 rolls of it about 7 or 8 years ago and wasn't overly impressed. I think I was just expecting too much.

    I never quite saw the point of 1600-speed colour negative film. In theory it allows you to work in light 2 EV darker than you could with 400-speed film, but I didn't often encounter 1600's "sweetspot" for lighting. Whenever I looked to something more sensitive than 400-speed film, conditions were usually a lot darker than that.
  5. There used to be a film by Fuji called MS100/1000 https://www.fujifilmusa.com/shared/bin/AF3-989E.pdf which was the only one I tried to really push hard (or ask processors to do so). It was an amazing film. Most high speed color films ended up looking grainy enough that I would rather use black and white. Maybe this one is a lot better? I’ve seen so many of the films I loved go obsolete.
  6. I did try using MS100/1000 but did not push it to 1000 only about 400 I think. As you say it was an excellent film
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  7. It used to be here , in the states, many years ago,. I saw it sold in CVs and stores likethat. It disappeared a long time ago.
  8. From what I have seen, Portra 400 and VISION 3 can be sucessfully underexposed by several stops (and by extension, pushed by the same amount). Those are not Fuji stocks, though. I do like the look of Fuji negatives a bit more than I do Kodak ones, despite Kodak's emulsions being technically superior.
  9. I got the impression that the photo finishers didn't like doing it, but the good ones COULD do it and usually charged extra (which is only reasonable). It was still very good at 1000. I used it on my Kauai trip long ago. Specialized like Kodak HIE and Kodak Tech Pan but sad to lose.
  10. One would have to watch out for short-dated or even expired film even more so with high ISO since such films are more prone to fogging from background radiation, But as far as fast negative films go, I liked the look of it when I needed a fast color negative film.

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