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  1. "Oh Allen, you can be so wonderfully and blissfully obtuse. I kinda wish back for those days myself..."

  2. Memories for Phil.
  3. I understand obtuse insensitive or slow of mind.

    Thanks Phil, Jesus and I still love you;)
  4. Are your dreams still the same, Phil?.
  6. No one throws stones at a barren tree.
  7. UNION-Calvary-s.jpg
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  8. A photo for every occasion.........;)
  9. I nearly bought an old half frame camera for the fun of creating diptychs. In the case of those cameras though, you have to think about what you're going to put together ahead of time. In any case, the wonders of modern technology makes it easy enough to take the JD approach.
  10. Looking at the diptych examples posted, it would be a good thing to have them allowed here in my opinion. It takes some real creativity to put two images together that make sense.
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  11. Upload your diptychs and triptychs as single files and label them accordingly. I doubt you'll have the same problem.

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