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  1. I posted these two images which I more or less serendipitously conceived as a single work / diptych (after stumbling upon and connecting both images when going through my archive) in a No Words thread titled as The Model. It was eventually edited by the moderator (only showing the first image) for not following the one image rule. That's fine, I can understand the reasoning behind it (the way a cop has to ticket a car standing on the sidewalk indiscriminately otherwise pretty soon the whole sidewalk will be filled with cars...) but it completely changed and lessened the whole meaning that was established by the specific interplay and configuration between these two images and which to me is what made up the final work and reason for posting it in the first place.

    Pictures are like words and it's often only when you combine one or more together that a sentence is being formed and even though we might not fully understand the meaning of it there's a broadening of perception. The way individual tones can form a melody.

    Do you have any such examples of diptychs or combinations like this,....where the taking out of either one image results in something lesser once you've seen both together? Consciously looking for them in your work is a great exercise either way...

    (Also, instead of horizontally the diptych had to be vertical in this case because of how the face in the second image is looking up and everything in that image is pointing upwards towards the image above it)

    The Model.jpg
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  2. I did the same thing in another No Words thread and it was also deleted. I'm not as accepting as you of such authoritarian and thoughtless decisions by powers that be. The one image rule in No Words, I would assume, was instituted so people wouldn't make multiple posts to the same thread of several photos interpreting the same thing. There's a difference between doing that and what you did, which is to make a single post containing two images which, hand-in-hand, worked to interpret the theme. You weren't interpreting the theme twice or posting twice. How can the difference not be understood? As far as I'm concerned, deleting one of your images was as heavy-handed and ill-adivsed as taking a hammer to a sculpture. I'm really tired of PN doing everything in its power to make the experience here worse instead of better and to stifle rather than encourage creative approaches to photography.

    As for the whole sidewalk being riddled with cars thing, I used to roll my eyes at my grade school teachers when they would tell someone that "if you do this, everyone will want to do this." It was terrible reasoning then and is terrible reasoning now. I didn't dare say it back in those days, but my response would have been "get back to me when everyone else starts doing it and we'll talk."

    Deleting your photo was plain and simply a bad decision and the wrong thing to do. It should be called out for what it is and not danced around.
  3. Nice example. I think with two photos placed horizontally (like in most diptychs) there may be less confusion about the two images being meant to be seen together as a single whole, compared to when they're placed vertically.

    The street I live in has some parts of large sidewalks that allow for parking your car without hindering the pedestrians whatsoever. Of course it's not allowed but sometimes when coming home after a long day I just want to get out of my car and park it in front of my door for a few hours until it's evening and there's available space in the regular parking spots, being well aware of the risk of getting a ticket. I've seen it happen many times when there are no cars on those parts of the sidewalk, the moment one car parks there (my own or someone else's car) where you're not supposed to park others will simply follow...

    Perhaps. Instead of whining about it directly I figured why not make it into a thread about diptychs and about the nature of seeing (or missing to see) images working together as a whole.
  4. I don't consider it whining to question authority when one feels it's misquided.
    While I understand what you're saying and agree to some extent, if someone didn't get that your two photos in that thread were meant to be a single whole, I wouldn't in that case blame the orientation. I would suggest the viewer either didn't look carefully and think about it for a minute or just didn't get it.
  5. Fair enough. I can imagine that being true. But I like to be discerning and take each case for what it is. The fact that one car illegally parked may encourage other motorists to park similarly doesn't lead me to believe that one photographer posting a diptych will lead to a sudden rash of diptych posting by others. And, besides, what would be so terrible if it did? That would still be very different from people making multiple posts on a single theme. Influencing creativity among others is, in my opinion, a better thing than influencing illegal actions by others.
  6. Yes, that's how I also felt. I don't think though that how one feels should always or necessarily be the basis for how one will consequently act. Not that I'll take that advice myself mostly, but sometimes it's more productive to take a step back and away from how one feels about it. This is equally true of course about how the ones in authority may feel about a certain matter.
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  7. I agree. In this case, though, I feel it's important to let those in charge know that they're stifling us and it's not acceptable, in hopes of changing their behavior. I think you have done a positive and productive thing by starting this thread. There's no reason that this thread can't stand as a positive reaction alongside complaints to PN authorities for taking the actions they took. It doesn't have to be a choice between the two. If the community speaks out on these matters maybe the authorities here will get the message that some of their deeds are misguided and unnecessary.
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  8. I just combine the elements of a x-tych into a single image in the size allowed for one image and then label the thing as a diptych or whatever it is.

    Never had any real problems.....
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  9. There's the question of authorship. While I've made both images I can't claim to have made whatever it is that seems to connect them. I didn't attach the floating head in the window to the Greek bust type sculpture* in the image above it (it's not an actual Greek marble sculpture obviously but that's what it symbolizes in contrast to the mannequin dolls surrounding it). But there they are, head and bust. There are other things, the way the clouds turn into the ceiling, the ceiling into the clouds...This can't solely be a matter of subjectivity.

    *Which I also saw continued as a theme - very subtle but clear - in Fred's image response in the thread.
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  10. I wonder if it is a case of posting x2 photos as x1 image satisfies the required criterion.? and so as JDMvW suggests, combining the elements meets the standard required for PN. If there is a standard. My own diptych and tryptichs have been left on no words in the past.
    I saw the original post of Phil S and thought it was a single creative expression and very well done. It was much more than the single photo left behind.
    and IMO as a single work / diptych "Influencing creativity among others..."
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  11. Yeah. At the same time I can understand a NO WORDS thread with diptychs having a different dynamic than what the spirit of a single image NO WORDS thread may be about.

    Anyway, I'm curious about some more potential diptychs...
  12. Nice set, JD. It's interesting how the three diptychs in the thread are different to me. Mine and Phil's seem to depend on different internal aspects of the photos. Whereas I see Phil's as more materially or literally connected, I see mine as more connected by something less tangible, maybe call it energy or atmosphere. I'd maybe call yours more externally connected in that your diptych seems actually to create the suggestion of a narrative and there's less about the physical elements of the two photos that would visually tie them together (other than perhaps the toning and contrast). So, what emerges when you place your two photos together, for me, is a sense of the woman being connected spiritually to the crucifix, almost like she's having a Jesus moment. Absent the picture next to her, I think my mind would go to her being in a different emotional place. Speaking for my own two photos, it might be that whereas mine seemed to me to be connected already, once I considered them, even though I shot them separately and without each other in mind, yours seemed to me unconnected except for your imposition of a connection by placing them side by side.

    [By the way, I'm not saying these different qualities of the diptychs are strictly exclusive to each, just noticing a tendency each seems to have for me. There are aspects of each description that could apply to each of the diptychs, though I see these overall differences in them.]
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  13. Interesting and insightful read Fred as always. On my diptych, a different narrative from mine. my own is less literal.
  14. To me JD's diptych evokes more a kind of physical-spiritual sensation than being about a strictly spiritual connection. Which is to say that you can't have much of the spiritual without the flesh. It's the push and pull between the corporeal and incorporeal that drives the two. Something to do with both pain and pleasure.
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  15. "I just combine the elements of a x-tych into a single image in the size allowed for one image and then label the thing as a diptych or whatever it ".JDM

    To my mind a single photo can be a diptych image without the need to offer a "way post " of signs for a failed image.

    Sort of ,I better explain this to you all so can understand ,or it's crap but multiple imagery will uncrap it.

  16. It is interesting to actually look and think about a image other than have it painted by numbers. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

    A strong image will always stand alone.

    A poor image will always need....well, the calvary are on their way.....
  17. Oh Allen, you can be so wonderfully and blissfully obtuse. I kinda wish back for those days myself...

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