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Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by aaronb, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. I saw an ad on photo.net for Ding Electronics, which is a website currently
    offering the Nikon D2xs and Canon 1Ds Mark III for 1300 USD. I emailed the
    website about their amazing prices, and received this response:


    My name is Marita Pratt and I represent Ding Electronics.Thank you for your
    interest in
    our products. It is very simple to purchase from us.
    All our products come from bank and customs confiscations including your
    order. It is
    brand new with international warranty and it is factory sealed.The final price
    is : 1300
    USD .
    We are processing all our order through our google merchant account. However
    during to
    some orders placed with stollen credit cards google decided to limit this
    payment method
    for the moment and offer the same protection on bank transfers.
    Because we want to continue running our business and still protect our
    customers we
    will continue accepting orders under the Google Merchant protection program ,
    allowing you
    to inspect the order prior to authorizing the funds to be sent to us.
    You will submit the payment to them via bank transfer and once the funds
    clear in their
    account we will ship your order to the provided address.
    Once you signed for delivery you will benefit from a 3 days period time in
    which you will
    decide if you want to keep or cancel your order.
    If you aren't happy you will be fully refunded including the shipping fees
    from our no questions asked returning policy.
    Because we have a low stock and we already have 3 potential clients for this
    model I would
    like to ask you if you are 100% interested so I can book it for you and start

    Best Wishes ,
    Marita Pratt
    Ding Electronics T.E.A.M.

    Surely this company cannot be legit, based on the fact that they only allow
    payment through bank transfers. Why was this BS ad allowed on your website?
    Am I wrong in saying this company is full of crap?
  2. Very suspicious. I would never use a bank transfer transaction for anything but sending funds to another bank. Ding Electronics is not listed in resellerratings.com, but all that means is they're probably not in the US. I googled the name, and found one interesting post here. Look familiar? I'd pass on it.....
  3. Not with a ten foot battle lance ...

  4. I think Aaron's question was not whether he should buy from this advertiser, but rather how -- and why -- a vendor such as this appeared on photo.net ?
    That question is probably best directed, via email, to someone on the photo.net masthead.
    I seem to recall reading at some point that pnet neither selects nor screens the advertisers, but it would be best to ask directly and get a real answer.
  5. what's even more interesting is the fact that some people still think these scam artists are legit. That's why people like Chris Hanson will never run out of topics to cover...
  6. I wonder, as well, why a site as devoted to photographers as photo.net sets their patrons up to be ripped off? It would seem to me, if PN has no control over their advertisers, that they should get control.
  7. You know who else uses 4-all.org as their site host?


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