digradant Nd filter for Hasselblad wide-angle Zeiss CFE 40

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  1. Hello all, I would like to purchase a graduated ND filter for my Hasselblad CFe 40 fle and FE 50 f2.8. They have a quite big front lens (9 cm) and thread of 93mm. Obviously I need the filter holder and lens adpter ring. Do you know if the Lee system does work on my lens? Does the 93mm lens ring adapter is compatible wit the Hassy lens? If Lee system does not suit those lens do you know other brand that produce graduated ND filter that fit those lenses and does not vignette? Thank you in advance for your input.
  2. I use the Sinar filter holder with 86 mm mount (the holder and the mounts are sold separately, and you can get an mount for almost any lens mount size, including HB bayonets) and 4x5" Sinar brand graduated filters (and 4x4" unfiform colour filters. I had them for the Sinars anyway). These Sinar branded filters as such are no longer made, but still available used. The Lee filters will fit too.<br><br>That works fine on the 50, but with some vignetting on the 40. When you remove the hood of 40 mm and 50 mm lenses completely, you'll find that they screw into a 86 mm x 1 thread on the lens. You'll get closer to the lens then when you mount the filter holder on the 'bottom' part of the lens hoods with its 93 mm size thread. Helps to avoid/minimize vigneting. But i have also removed the 4 petal hood from the 40 mm. It gets in the way of filters, and isn't very effective anyway.
  3. Thank you Q.G. I would explore (I will ask the italian distributor) the Lee filters. I was worried by the small size (10 cm)
    compared to the front lens (I measured it and is 9 cm, even if the thread is 86 x 1) but I trust you if you say it does not
    vignette with the FE 50. So I should ask for the 86mm filter ring, not th 93, good to know. I don't know how to remove the
    CFE 40 petal shade nor I am sure I would like to remove it. I will try to use on the CFE 40 and see waht happen, and if it is
    not possible or it does vignette even when stop down I will switch to the FE 50 (or CFE 50 that I have) for those situation
    in wich I need a graduated ND filter. Thank you again. Diego
  4. Mind you, Diego, i haven't tried the Lee filter holder! I use the Sinar holder. I don't know how the Lee holder works on either lens.<br><br>The 40 mm's petal shade is held in place by a few screws. If you don't have to to avoid collisions, there is no reason to remove it. But it doesnt hurt anything if you do: nothing but the petal shade is held by those screws, and it's completely reversible.
  5. OK thank you for the clarification, let's see if someone with direct experience with Lee filter contribute in this thread.
    Unfortunatly here in Italy is quite difficult to find shop that help you with this "special" items let alone someone who
    stock it. I'm oriented toward Lee filters (I have heard good thing about it) because I could speak with the distributor and
    pick up the items directly at him (the shops I asked to was clueless about this product or similar product) when i visit the
    city where he is (I travel there frequently for my job) otherwise I should pay the shipping.
  6. Cokin may also have a holder system to fit your lens. Just be careful to individually check filters for flaws if you do buy them. Cokin are less expensive than Lee, but do not have the same stringent quality control tests. That said, I have rejected one filter at point of sale, and the rest are good ;-)
  7. I have had bad experience with kokin grad ND filter: very noticeable magenta cast. On the contrary I have heard good
    things about Lee (even if some faulty filter is always a possibility I suppose)
  8. The filter I rejected was a Cokin. Sorry, I didn't make that clear. As well as superior filter material, the Lee holders and adapters certainly are tops. The Cokin have worked for me, but the holders are nowhere near the quality of Lee.

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