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Discussion in 'Travel' started by sam_shen, May 4, 2004.

  1. Hi, I am planning to go to Disney Land in May. My questions is:
    should I bring just my Digital camera(Olympus C-5050) or a SLR with
    it. Do I have time to switch between those two Cameras while I am in
    the park? I never have print out from my Digital Camera before,
    therefore I am not sure about the quality of the print out. Anyone
    had any experience with 5.0 million pixels JPG photo printed on 4X6
    Kodak paper? how good they are compare to photos took by SLR camera.
    Thanks for any inputs.
  2. Bring the SLR and a zoom or two. The 5050 has, IMHO, horrible lag time...great for non-moving objects...Try and capture a child's'll only hit it b/c of random now and hope the child smiles 2 seconds from now....Your 5mp will print out well as a 4x6, quality depends on your a few photos and learn how to work it......Warren
  3. Alex Majoli just won magazine photographer of the year with pictures taken with his Olympus 5050. I guess he wouldn't have a problem taking it to Disneyland :) Heres the link
  4. I gave m wife that Olympus and after a month with it she threw it back in my face. The shutter lag time is nothing less than horrendous. The camera is fine if all your shots are as it was intended: friends/family lined up arm in arm, ok, now on three, say "cheese"
  5. Sam,

    I think you will probably decrease your enjoyment of the park if you're fussing around with two different cameras, so I would definitely advise you to take only one. Personally, I would practice with the digital until I felt comfortable with it, then take that one. It'll be easier to carry around, and you won't have film to deal with. There are techniques you can use to get good candid action shots, like pre-focusing on an area or using full-time AF if the camera has it (but this is a battery hog), or just learning how your camera focuses. As far as prints, I use Adorama's digital lab, and have been extremely pleased with the quality of their matte prints on Kodak Royal paper. I've seen some glossy prints as well, and they were also excellent.

    Have fun,
  6. Take a disposable Camera...

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