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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by marknagel, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. I'm in Germany on vacation and would like to convert a couple pictures I took
    to email. I have my friends computer, so no RAW conversion software
    installed. I've been looking and all I can find is the DPP updater. Anyone
    have a link to the full version, where I can enter my serial number and
    download it.


  2. Canon software has lightweight (and, I believe, easily hacked) security: the "updaters" are not really updaters at all, but complete installations, but they look for another piece of qualifying Canon software and will only install if they find one. You need to start the chain by installing something from a Canon installation disk. I am not aware of any serial-number-based download capability.
  3. For what it's worth, Picasa can do that, and it's free.
  4. BTW, there's version 3.0 of DPP available. I love the new crop visualisation feature on the main view window.
  5. <<I am not aware of any serial-number-based download capability.>>

    This is correct, there is no serial number download for Canon software.

    Picasa is the easiest option.
  6. If you want something more powerful than Picasa, and still free check out Raw Shooter Essentials (available here). Its similar to DPP in function, though not exact.
  7. You can start by downloading the Canon D30 (not 30D) software. Then work your way up to DPP 3.0.
  8. Greg's suggestion sounds like the easiest hack of them all!
  9. Thanks,

    I ended up installing CaptureOne and using the trial.


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