Digital photo borders that look like frame mats

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by el antorcho, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. I have seen numerous digital photos posted here that have borders
    added to them that look like a mat that one would see in a framed
    print. I know how to add a simple single color border in PhotoShop. I
    am curious to know how to get the multi-color/multi-layer look that I
    am seeing added to other peoples work.
  2. Hi Dan, Can you post an example or a link to an example?
  3. Use the "Canvas Size" command with the "Relative" option.
  4. Dan. There's a nice pre-installed action in PS7 called 'Drop Frame' that will probably give you the effect you require. It puts a shadow around two sides of the picture giving the impression of two levels. Use this action after puting a thin black line around the photo first.

    If this action is not visible, click on the small black arrow in the top right hand corner of the action pallet and highlite 'Frames'. This will open the set. Then scroll down to 'Drop Frame' and off you go.
  5. Dan. I've just had a quick look in PS and I see that the correct full name for the action is 'Drop Shadow Frame'
  6. Fred Miranda has a $12 matte/frame program:
  7. Those frames are hideous.
  8. This site

    has loads of good actions including a range of frames and matts.
  9. Ditto, those frams are hidious, ugly and detract from the photo.
  10. I use framing on my prints on PN. They are big and black with my name prominantly displayed. Why do I use them? I use them because I want to establish my identity and to discourage their unauthorized use elsewhere.

    I do not see this as a problem and do not understand why others do either. After all, when you look at any image on a computer screen it is surrounded by all that Microsoft stuff. I simply ignore the framing knowing full well that it is not a part of the image. I hope that others understand that in the "real world" they would never be displayed with this frame. And the world goes on...

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