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  1. Can anybody share their exprience(s) with me in the realm of making digital negatives for contact printing using inkjet printers.
    I currently shoot 4x5 films.(T-Max)
    Can you get very good negatives that will print very well in comparison to using imagesetters.
    I know there is a book by Dan Burkholder. However I want comments from somebody who has actually tried this out.
    Thank you for all your previous comments and responses.


    Mo Kenny
  2. You will probably find it easier to make enlarged negatives the old
    fashioned way, film to film.
  3. I haven't tried this but I have actually seen (upclose & in person
    as a friend of mine owns several)) many of Dan Burkholder's
    prints. You can take what he says to the bank -- the quality is
    astonishing: smooth creamy terific gradation and littleto know
    grain. There is a phenomenal sense of dimensionality and light
    in his prints.
  4. I have made pt/pd prints from Dan's method using an imagesetter for
    final output. I scanned a 4x5 type 55 contact proof and had it
    enlarged to 8x10. It looked great. No complaints. Still after all
    of the learning and sending my stuff to an service beureua(sic?) and
    expense I ended up buying an 8x10 C1. But I don't know how it works
    with an inkjet.


    eck wh

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