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  1. I know most informations about 35mm and other format cameras except for medium format cameras: Phase one, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Leaf, and etc. Since I'm a pentax medium format user, it's not that hard to know more about Pentax medium format but I have no idea about those companies at all. There are no infos from B&H. And I thought Phase one is a stand alone company but it seems to be not. Can anyone tell me about these medium format companies specifically?
  2. All of these companies have extensive websites with all sorts of information. PhaseOne, Mamiya and Leaf are all one company. Many of the etc ... firms are really small and sell only a few dozen units a year. Here in the States, you have to buy them through specialized pro studio gear dealers.
  3. You'll want to include Leica in your medium format list... The Leica S system has a sensor about the same dimensions as the Pentax, is more expensive than the Pentax but much less than the others. See:

    I have been using the Leica S for several years, choosing it over the P645D then for its simpler user interface and ergonomics. I too have history with film P645 cameras, so having the lenses already was an advantage hard to overcome.
  4. There are no infos from B&H​
    B&H is a's not really their function to provide lots of info on manufacturers.
    Essentially the digital medium format market has distilled down to:
    • 2 main companies producing detachable digital backs and compatible DSLR-style cameras [the PhaseOne/Mamiya/Leaf conglomerate, and Hasselblad]
    • 2 companies producing integrated medium format DSLRs [Pentax, and Leica]
    • A few greatly scaled-down companies which are now just producing/maintaining DSLR-style cameras [DWH i.e. the former Rollei] and specialist backs [Sinar, MegaVision]
    • Several companies, typically associated with large-format & medium-format film view cameras, now making medium format technical cameras for other manufacturers' detachable digital backs [Alpa, Cambo, Arca-Swiss, Hartblei, ...]
    As Brian says, each of these companies has its own website. The medium format digital user forum at is also a good source of info.
  5. First step is to check your bank account. $20,000 is a good staring point assuming you have to buy lenses and a body. Not for the faint of heart.
    I have 16x20 prints made from a 5MP 'consumer' camera. I'm sure the same image would look better if made with a MF digital but it's not a $20,000 difference.
  6. There are no infos from B&H​
    B&H has lots of excellent specifications and reviews, but you have to know what you are searching for. Did you try searching for "Medium format camera"?
  7. Another good place to start would be with websites that deal with medium format systems. Here are a couple:
    This site is skewed heavily towards medium format and includes threads for Hasselblad, Phase/Mamiya, Pentax and Leica, plus smaller sensor brands, as well.
    Aimed specifically Pentax users of all formats.

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