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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by arthur_bunda|1, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. what is better to use for wedding photography 1d, 10d or 300d?
  2. 1D+10D,former for scene while latter for portrait.
  3. For a wedding I would place more importance on pixels than fps, so 10D.
  4. 1D no questions asked, you have the AF system of the EOS 1V on that baby and so you'll get rock solid focus.

    10D as backup digital. Plus a EOS Film body as back up number 2 for worst case scenario.
  5. what lenses were you thinking of using?
  6. Just did a wedding using digital for the first time.
    I was using the lowest end EOS 300D. I don't think the body is a concern here. Rather, the more important thing is to shoot in RAW and have a good software to fine tune the exposure and WB afterwards.
    I did a mistake by shooting in Fine mode for some of my pictures to save space on my CF card. I should have simply load in a fresh CF card! I had a hard time fine tuning the exposure and WB since the Capture One software only support RAW files.
  7. First, NO ONE is going to recommend the 300D over the 10D. The only advantage of the camera is that it is 67% the cost of a 10D. And you loose a number of key features.

    The 1D AF system has much to say for it. Mostly because of the AF system. Although only a 4mp camera, number of pixels is only one component of image quality. Of course, the 1D costs 2x the 10D.
  8. i'm using tokina 28-70 atx proII and canon 70-200 2.8
  9. Of course some might say that autofocus is only one component of image quality as well. In fact there are still plenty of wedding photographers who use manual focus medium format gear, which would indicate that strictly speaking autofocus ain't necessary for weddin' shootin' at all. I've heard rumors that indeed weddings were shot before autofocus camera bodies were available at all ...

    So, Arthur, I'd say that AF capability is *one* factor, as is sensor size (1.3 vs. 1.6 crop factor) and resolution (4 MP vs. 6 MP). You need to consider your shooting style and the size of prints you expect to generate from the digital files.

    If you're shooting weddings professionally, I think you should leave the 300d out of the picture (bad, intended, pun) and choose between the 1D and 10D. Both are considerably more rugged than the 300d.
  10. One thing I miss on the 10D is the full-frame viewfinder I've come to love so much on my EOS 1 and 1N bodies. I'm in the rather ironic position of shooting mostly chrome in those bodies (where the slide mount slightly crops what I see in the viewfinder, though of course publishers crack the mount before the chrome's drum scanned) and digital with a partial viewfinder so my frames show more than I see. Visually confusing. :)
  11. Don Baccus! Truly the giants of old are awakened and walking amongst us mere mortals once again.


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