Digital conversion of film cameras is here! Sort of.

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  1. Another KickStarter >project<. This one actually comes pretty close to achieving what a lot of us (I think) have been waiting for; a way to use old film cameras to take digital photos. I say "pretty close" because, while it actually does accomplish that goal, it does so in a pretty clunky fashion, that doesn't really appeal to me.

    If you don't want to bother reading the KickStarter page, it works by replacing the back door of the camera with a new plastic one that includes a "focusing screen". They will have dedicated backs for a good number of Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Contax, Olympus and other mainstream models, as well as a universal back for less common models. Once that's in place a universal digital module attaches to the back, looking like an over-sized power winder.

    The unit has three buttons and a small 2" touch screen that can be used for "live view" by those with exceptional vision, among other things. A smart phone can also be used for live view and camera control, via wifi or blue tooth. It seems to rely on a connection through the PC socket, so it probably won't work with any camera that lacks one.

    The image recorded is whatever is on the previously mentioned focusing screen. It does not record directly to the sensor. But, it seems to work, sort of. It's certainly moving in the right direction, in terms of allowing us to use a wide variety of classic manual cameras, with any lens that mounts on them. But, it basically doubles the size of most cameras, so it's not quite "there", yet, for me.
    1. I'll believe when I see it.
    2. This would have had a chance in 2004, the year the majority went to digital.
    3. I'd still like to see one so I wouldn't have to use film in my 200 or so film cameras. Size is not really a problem if you look at the old actually existing real conversions from Kodak et al. Cost is another thing altogether.
    4. We've had similar announcements - usually at the beginning of April (35mm Cartridge that Transforms Film Cameras into Digital)
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  2. I don't think cost will be the issue, if this makes it to market. It looks to be around $300 USD. That seems pretty reasonable to me.

    I might... might... consider buying one IF it focused directly on the sensor, but it doesn't. That, and the samples shown, make me question the image quality obtainable with this system. And size always matters :)

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