"Digital Camera Battery" batteries/cables-Experiences?

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by mikeseb, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. I shoot with a Contax 645, a Kodak ProBack, and a variety of portable flash
    units usually triggered remotely via PW's or similar. Naturally, I'm dealing
    with a welter of batteries and chargers--and all of this stuff just eats
    batteries voraciously. That's aside from the sloooow recycle times with AA's in
    the flash units. So naturally I'm considering HV battery packs to power all this

    I've looked mostly at Quantum and Digital Camera Battery--anyone here have
    experience with the DCB's? I'm in luck that there are cables available to power
    the camera, the digiback (that would be one battery--they have dual output
    sockets), and all the flash units I use (one or more additional batteries.)
    Additional benefit is that Quantum Turbo series cables also work with DCB batteries.

    Any opinions or experience appreciated. Wasn't sure if "Camera Equipment" was a
    better forum for this, but I figured "Lighting" is the usual scenario for which
    external packs are used. Thanks to all in advance.
  2. really good stuff.
  3. they are wonderful! i have two. i can shoot two full 5-hour events and still have poser to
    shoot a smaller job the next day. clip it to the belt and it doesn't add all the weight to your
    camera. plus, with the right cables you can power your laptop. if i ever need another external
    battery it will be a digitalcamerabattery.
  4. Is it true that DCB batteries are compatible with certain Quantum cables? Could you use a Quantum cable to connect the battery to a camera or a flash, say, if DCB doesn't have a compatible cable?

    Just curious--DCB has its own cables for all the devices I use now.

    Thanks to those who've responded.

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