Digital back for Pentax 645n?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by darrenholmes, May 25, 2001.

  1. Hello,

    I know it doesn't exist, but....anyone heard of plans for a digital
    back for the Pentax 645n?

    Now THAT would be nice....
  2. It would have to be more of a "digital insert", as of course the backs are not interchangeable on the P645's. It seems like the price of quality medium format scanners is coming down, and for now, that will have to be the "digital back" for many of us 2 1/4 shooters.
  3. What would the point be?
    The wole raison d'etre of medium format is the larger format. No one is even close to making a 60mmx45mm CCD or CMOS array and that's the smallest of the MF formats! So why not just shoot a digital "35"?
  4. My main reasons for considering a digital insert for the 645n would be:

    -The price of digital imaging is dropping significantly
    -I wouldn't need to purchase a digital camera of another brand and associated lenses.

    Just juggling ideas. I don't need a 12MP imager. If an insert were available I would consider it, depending on the price.
  5. Phase One makes digital backs for Contax and Mamiya 645, but
    not the Pentax. Propably because the Pentax uses inserts
    instead of changeable backs. The cost is around 17.000 usd,
    where I live. Their website is

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