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Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by bill_thorlin, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. Yet another family member wants to get a small ( fit in purse ), compact ( no
    lens protruding or not much ) digital camera for happy snapping.

    Budget around $125 - 75 quid.

    Not an area where I am able to be a great deal of help so your input more than
    welcome ( something like a Minolta Xt or Xg to put it in perspective ).

    ( Hope no-one is offended by such a basic request but it may result in another
    photographer joining the ranks - we all started somewhere. )
  2. Hi Bill, I'd suggest perusing http://www.dpreview.com and see what fits the bill for you financially and size-wise *and* comes "recommended". They do excellent and thorough reviews. Good luck!
  3. A friend of mine just got a Canon A430 and loves it.

  4. Hi, I like the look and specs. of the Pentax W10 all weather compact camera. No need to worry about rain etc, great for the Irish climate. Cheers.
  5. Got latest Nikon P4 and seems better than Canon S40, S50, and S70 that I owned and they failed after warranty.

    Red eye, that was so much troublesome in other pocket cameras, seems to be taken care of by both Red Eye Reduction and Red Eye Removal, both in the camera, if you program it properly.

    VR (Vibration Reduction) seems to work fine, and practically prevents blured pictures, but certainly cannot eliminate every photographer fault.

    The start up is much faster, and about right for extending the lens and getting camera ready.

    Has multiplicity of modes, as well as Aperture priority mode for more advanced photographers.

    All good pocket cameras retract lens, and hide completely, so your requirement to have "no lens protruding" seems unreasonable, or you are looking for a junk camera ?

    Just go to any photo dealer and try for yourself, then you can get it elsewhere for a lower price. The extruding lens only bothered me for taking a second upon startup, and it hides flat when you turn off the camera.

    The only problem will be for you that it is twice the cost you want to spend, from the lowest price vendors on the Internet.

    If you want to be a "photographer joining the ranks", you may need to start with a good camera like P4, or else you will certainly be getting another camera soon, or never join the ranks.
  6. Seems the Penatx W10 has issues like dim LCD that I had'nt noticed before. I'll look for something else.

  7. "Purse size and no lens protruding"

    That will be digicam with periscope type lens. Look st Sony T series, Fujifilm Z series or Nikon S series.
  8. Is the muddy and tone-lacking crop from Techpan supposed to impress or something?
  9. Scott.....

    Ireland is muddy, and Kodak Technical Pan film has/had a particular characteristic you may or may not like, that's your choice. No, I am not trying to impress anyone. I found your comment rather odd though.

  10. I would also suggest using dpreview's camera comparison tool. You can input specific
    requirements, and get a list of recommendations.

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