Digging TLR's again.

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  1. Got a thing for TLR s. Playing with my latest toy, a Mamiya C3 Bought on the Bay o evil.for £I80 with 65mm & I05mm lenses.The .65mm has some slight hazing on viewing lens only, other 3 glasses are perfect.. Obviously not used in many years, as it had a tin take up spool in. Light seals looked perfect but turned to dust when touched. New seals fitted now.. Was the glue on the seals made from bears teeth ? FUN FUN FUN cleaning that off. Wondering a couple of things. Why are these cameras so dirt cheap ? Yashica I24g s fetch more & they certainly are not a better camera. NEXT When did tin spools go out of use ? BTW have a Bronica too. THO I Hate electronics in cameras.
  2. I don't know when metal spools came in - guessing 1970? Of course there are still loads of them kicking around and the previous owner might just have popped one in from old stuff.

    There's a long thread about cleaning Mamiya TLR lenses here:

    LINK - Mamiya TLR lens cleaning advice

    There's a sort of cult about some cameras, selling for much more than better alternatives, the very basic Pentax K1000 being the prime example.
  3. KI000's are naff. Even when they were new.
  4. Some people think the same about the doorstop-like Mamiya TLRs. Personally, I wouldn't have one as a gift - not quite true, but it would be listed online for sale within hours.
  5. Being 6ft 5 the large size is no hindrance. No bigger and not as heavy as my Bronica
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  6. I suppose the Yashicas were the last Japanese fixed lens TLRs in production. At least I recall scooping up their add brochure at a local dealer. Maybe the same forces who triggered the K1000 hype mentioned them too?
    Or people appreciate their built in meters?
  7. Appreciate?
    Only until the poorly shielded cell catches a beam of direct sunlight and they get gross underexposure.
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  8. Not saying much wrong with Yashicas. Had a 635 years back got great image's' from it. The Mamiyas are in a different league over any Yashica .
  9. OHHH BOY Just bought a C33 for £70 with a I35mm lens. Too cheap not to buy. What I wanted, a C33 anyway. Will Ebay the C3 body, keep the lenses. The new seals will help the price of it.
  10. its a very sharp Tessar type lense.^^
  11. Chrome lens same as my 65 & I05mm " the ones not to have" Well they have lasted this long, and a breaker is worth very nearly as much as a working one..
  12. I bought a Minolta Autocord years ago and tried it out. It was great, BUT I kind of got a crick in my neck and I didn't have any real way to scan the negatives (and all my developing gear was for 35mm). It was cool though and very sharp. It was a pretty cheap camera at the time too.
  13. TLR's seem to have been part of my life. When I was a kid in the 1940's and 50's I always remember my mother being out and about with a Rollei. She made it clear that was the only camera for her. And BTW, I come by this photo stuff honestly - my parents met in a photography class back in the 1930's, and when looking for their first apartment after they were married the most important thing was a space for a darkroom. Back in the 1960's I was taking photography classes form John Colllier Jr. when he was teaching at SF State. Due to his influence I got my first TLR, a nice used Minolta Autocord. Cameras have come on gone over the years, but the core of my working collection has always been TLR's - Rolleis, Autocords, Yashica Mats, and various Mamiya 330 and 220 cameras. I think what influenced me to try the Mamiyas was seeing pictures Diane Arbus with her Mamiya. And I think the reason I have stuck with TLR's is that I enjoy using them - they just feel right and I like seeing what is going on. These days I mostly use a 220 F with a 135mm lens and the "L" grip- seems to be the most comfortable (and lightest) for portraits. I have my Nikon stuff for bugs and birds, but I think I get the most enjoyment working in medium format. Recently my grand daughter started doing film, and was very happy with the Yashica Mat I sent her. Nice to be passing this on to another generation. If you didn't grow up with it, TLR's take a little getting used to, but worth the effort. The nice thing about the Mamiya system is that it is not that expensive, and you can experiment to find the lens that works the best for you. That is how I got to the 135 - tried all of them, and that was just my happy place for the photography I do - and a good deal cheaper than a tele Rollei which is the only other 135. Can't really do that with any other TLR system. Cheers and stay well
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  14. Just discovered cut down coke bottle lids make perfect rear lens caps for the 65mm Mamiya lens. NEEDED THOSE. They do say please recycle on them. The C3 body is now sold. Had to buy a parts lens to fix the I35mm (shutter problem) The C33 with the 65mm I05mm & I35mm lenses all working and in lovely condition now stands me the vast sum of £ I50.
  15. What is a coke bottle lid? Not a bottle cap? Maybe this is something that didn't get made in the US?
  16. Plastic bottle cap then.
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  17. OH BOY Should not be allowed out. Or in this case even stay in. Bought another Mamiya C33 on ebay, this time a very nice condition and rare red one with a I80mm pre self cocking lens for £ I55. Will horse trade my current very nice black C33 camera body on ebay and the I80mm lens separately for easy profit. Working towards a completely free outfit. Fingers crossed.
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  18. Not received my red C33 yet. But had a close up look at the ebay pics. This sucker is not just red but in lizard skin too. Cannot find a thing re these cameras on internet not even a picture.
  19. My 2 ladies. P9211066.JPG P9211064.JPG
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