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  1. What are some camera techniques I can use to incorporate perspective in my photographs?
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  2. Leading lines.
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  3. Great article.
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  4. Depends what you mean by “perspective.”

    “Perspective” can be about the physical distance, angle, and depth range of your photos, in which case you can adopt different positions or hold your camera somewhat differently for different situations, all of which are good practices.

    “Perspective” can also be a matter of attitude in which case it can be interesting to think in terms other than a subject you may point the camera at. Shoot the photo as well as the thing. Tell a story, make the whole photo that’s going to exist the subject instead of or in addition to the thing in front of you that already exists.

    Also try fiddling around with your first instinct. Whatever first catches your eye in a scene, try making something in the background the subject instead. When you’re walking, remember to look back as well as ahead. If you can, walk around the thing before you take a shot, noticing not only how the angle of the thing changes but how it’s background and surroundings change. What happens if you make the thing the subject by putting it behind something else instead of in front of it. What else is in the environment that you can relate it to. Something that often makes a photo more interesting is relationships.

    Have fun. Try hard ... but not too hard. :)
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  5. Thanks for the feedback, the video was a big help!
  6. This article really helped, some techniques I did think of were included. Thank you for responding!
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  7. I interpret perspective as simply different points of view but I asked the question vaguely to allow people to answer with different interpretations. I find story telling with images interesting so I'm happy you included that interpretation. Thank you for your feedback!
  8. Combine the two interpretations in your photographs......
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  9. Something else to consider, perhaps? One thing I like about phone photographs specifically, is that sometimes there's a photo within a photo. Also long known as "cropping", it's easier than ever with in-phone editing capabilities. I suggest getting to know (if you already haven't) your phone's editing software. A little goes a long way towards improving your shots. BUT, if you take a shot you're not completely happy with, take a minute to see if there's anything in the photo that you might like, if all other elements were cut away before deleting it. You may be surprised!

    Happy shooting!
  10. Definitely techniques I will use in the future, thank you for replying!

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