Differences w/ Canon SW RAW and Photoshop CS

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by b.j._porter, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. Recently I acquired Photoshop CS and used the RAW plugin to open some images. I noticed right off that there was a HUGE difference in the colors on some shots between the images as opened in the Canon File Viewer utility versus Photoshop CS. The same image file, opened side by side in the two tools shows a marked difference in color saturation, so much so that they do not really appear to be the same exposure. Although I am quite savvy and comfortable with computers, I am new to Photoshop, and have only been using the Canon File Viewer since receiving it with my DRebel in December, so it is entirely possible this is a user error somehow. But with the Cannon ZoomBrowser software, I select the raw imange, then "Process Raw Images". Simply using File/Open in Photoshop on the same file nets a very different looking image. Doing simple Saves to a high quality JPEG nets very differnt results. I will try to post samples of the two in replies here.
  2. Here is the Photoshop CS version
  3. Hi B.J.P.,

    You just need to make minor adjustments to you ACR conversion settings. ACR does not have a custom profile for your camera so you need to make some changes in the calibrations tab and save them as your default setting for this camera. This way ACR will know what you expect and will use the same settings as the starting point for your conversions.

    Stick with it, ACR is MUCH better than FVU once you learn hwo to setup and use ACR. Also be sure to get the updated ACR v2.1 download for PS-CS, it is MUCH improved over the as shipped ACR 2.0 in PS-CS.

  4. CS Raw converter uses it's own white balance algo and doesn't read in what you used. Ergo, colors won't be the same as in Canon's converter.

    This was a big setback for me in regards to updating to CS. However, if you take the time it does produce good results.
  5. OK...stupid question #2 then follows naturally - how do I know which settings are "right" or how to tweak them?

    The Photoshop CS version is frankly what I remember seeing that night, not the fiery reds of the Canon FVU version.
  6. Adobe Camera Raw now does support the Digital Rebel. See the list of supported cameras on Adobe's site. You might need to download the new ACR 2.1 upgrade (you should do that regardless).
  7. I have been using BB out of habit and would also like to explore the other options.Just got CS and started to play with it ,looks good.
    In Photoshop CS ,can I see which version of the RAW converter it is?Sorry for sounding so ignorant.
  8. > can I see which version of the RAW converter it is?

    With Photoshop open, click on:

    Help > About Plugin > Camera Raw...

    And it will display the version number.

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