Differences between the Olympus Pen e-pl9 &. e-pl10?

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by iKokomo, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. I have used an Olympus Pen e-pl1 for years upgraded to an e-pl7 and now (after using it to death) I am looking at upgrading once again.

    I love the small form factor/high-quality image that I have gotten out of my e-pl series. I also have a lot of good glass for it.

    Therefore, I was wondering if there was any difference between the Olympus Pen e-pl9 vs. e-pl10?

    I have researched multiple websites and they say the only difference is a couple of "in-camera editing options" are different. Since I use Adobe LR to edit, I do not care about those features.

    Are there any other differences between the e-pl9 vs. e-pl10?
  2. I think the EPL10 is the only one that has that cool all black finish. Worth the slight price increase in my opinion. Otherwise, as you point out, they appear almost identical.
  3. Not sure about the Pen e- cameras, but I once purchased an Olympus Stylus and it was one of the few cameras I ever purchased that ended up in the trash heap. The resolution on this camera was so bad, that anything over a 5X7 print was complete rubbish. I was a huge fan of the Olympus OM2 and still am by the way, but the Stylus was grossly over rated in my opinion(at least my model). This is why I hesitated jumping on the Pen bandwagon... I'm seriously thinking about getting an Olympus 35 SP as my first and only Range-Finder camera though in the near future. I heard it comes with a really sharp Zuiko lens.
  4. I alway enjoy disabling a camera before I throw it in the trash.
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  6. I still have and use the EPL-7. It is great for taking with me on bicycle rides as it fits nicely into my bike pack.
    As for the new EP7 camera it has 20mp and other nice additions to it. Unfortunately, for the time being it won't be for sale in the U.S. I suspect later it will appear here too as did the E-PL10 which started out overseas as well.

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