Differences between Ebony SW45 and New Wide.

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by ruben_salcedo, May 6, 2018.

  1. Dear forum members,
    I need help figuring out the differences between an Ebony SW45 and one listed
    on eBay, labeled Ebony New Wide 4x5.
    At 1st glance, the Ebony camera labeled
    New wide seems to have a true bag bellows,
    And limited front extension. Interestingly,
    This model has the rear extension accessory
    bellows with possible rear vertical tilt.
    I am uncertain of several details. This is all
    I was able to ascertain from pics. No rear
    Rise/fall. As for the SW limited bellows extension of 190mm, rear rise/ fall.
    I am aware that Ebony went out of business.
    Does anybody have any links with camera
    Specifics. I intend to use both sheet film
    And roll film up to 6x12cm. I would like to
    Use focal lengths between 58mm and ~180mm. I love the high quality simple non
    Folding design. Please help.
  2. Hi Ruben

    Did you get somewhere an answer to this question.
    I’am looking for the same information.
    Si strange not to find it on the ebony documents

    If yes You can reply to me on my email adress: cyruscornut@gmail.com


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